USA, Global Earth & Universe, There's A Better Singer Than I

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USA, Global Earth & Universe, There's A Better Singer Than I

Postby WKMahler » Tue Feb 23, 2010 7:18 pm

"USA, Global Earth & Universe, There Is Finally A Better Singer Than I"

Saints vs. Patriots, Saints by 3, that's the super bowl of 2011, in TX, you
Usama Bin Laden & Gustav Mahler (RIP), there's Russell Sloan and me William
K. Mahler
photos of 2 off the streets, zip code to you, 76102, Fort Worth TX, Unity
Park, a growing mission true.
Some things in life are non negotiable and there was one, now clearly two.
1st is the Red Sox winning the world series in 2010
...I'll get to number #2.

I was born, with no six gun in my hand.
Out of the womb, spiritual brothers and sister spread out across the lands.
From the sands of the seashore, on a beach of Cape Cod
To the oceans that surround us, I say thank Allah & God.
I've been worse than Satan, if I truly have to measure up
My beautiful mind and genius and my kinetic touch.
Somebody came and gone, so I say I saved my soul
So from clear out of 19 years ago, there's a singer who is so very bold
You, over there, you know who I am, by God, finally someone better than I
am, singer and much more.

Hey all you 23, there's 1 winner I know for sure.

as for the non negotiable in life, yes, you are correct, you are most left
and right

Ms. Siobhan Magnus yes, I do refer to you, by God I finally met my match, I
truly refer to you.

The rest of the 23, I know there is competition to be had, but as if the
movie AVATAR was real, remember the holy land of the Navi
never got trashed by evil at all. So keep that in mind, for 1 by 1 you will

Siobhan Magnus, the clear winner, weeks ahead of us all.


German WW2 Natzis tattood Jews with numbers aka barcodes, unjustly so.

I view that as the perfect analogy as to the diagnosis by psychiatrists of
paranoid schizophrenia (later on as schizoaffective) written of me.

Them there "Nazi" psychiatrists must be stopped immediatly.

So, I am between the democrats and the republicans, GWB and BHO regarding
nationalized healthcare, shizophrenia and the wipe out of the disease,
effective "last decade" into today, tomorrow and forever more.


Annnnd you might wonder why she/you lost the election in the Ukraine? IS that truly you or a twin, one in the same.

Ya, "a taste of honey" for a "bunny who did and did not need money" while her mammy and daddy quickly gained some fame. No riddle here, but I refused in life while awake, to do the same.

William K, Keith is my middle name, Mahler that is, not Morris, as it "should've been", truly I am a Polish/German Mahler Man, with quite the few Jewish roots fuzed into me too, as well as some other European countries known publically to you.

My suggestion for what it's worth? Okay so the movie "Avatar" is number #1 on Earth. Make it real, seal the deal and do away with pornography too. So, ya, here's a story, that's worth any language news.

Poor ol spirtually rich Anna, she died with a purple hamburger cancer on her head. For some evil Irish American, danced with my wife and within a hamburger with mescalline aka purple microdot, Anna ate and eventually it killed her dead, within 6 years less or more, in March 2005, she entered Heavens door.

Poor lil Leonda, what did you choose to do, instead being with your true husband, you took and a married Irish American, once a friend of me and then a lover of you too. Should've divorced you 3 days after we wed, but I kept going along instead. If I could've changed my life, second one after our marriage was real, well, infidelities of any human nature, would not have become real.

I swear by God, next time I get involved with a woman, and I know I'm generally writing here, other than "me and her" nobody else "here". From initial meet and greet, friendship, romance and life as always as it can and cannot be, next step marriage, make a daddy out of me.


Mr. "Osama" LIBERATOR Bin Laden aka George "ROTAREBIL" Bush, if you will, no
matter how either of us in you look at it, a lion is up and down for all of
us and you. So, please direct your full attention to way out in outer
space, for "coming home" quite sooner or later, back to anywhere desert land
Iran, a "blast from the past", from before human beings walked this Earth,
one of "them" of "us" will be landing at last.

Think about that before you nuke warheads detonate infitismly small or quite
large "holes in more than just the sky".

God Allah, thank God we are still alive.

I'm coming home.............toooooooooooooooooooooooooo YOU.

Okay, somewhere in New Jersey, is that where I was at? I had the choice of
deluded iced tea or something else and I chose a large chocolate shake,
that's a fact. Chicken or fish, well I did not resist, I had a fish
sandwich and fries, now I look back and wish. Bruce Springsteen then, in a
truck started to look, at me and then within 2 seconds he took to the
ignition and drove along, the pistons pumping, going home I suppose,
paranoid all along. So said a walking man then, whom told me of he, as I ate
my fish and chocolate shake, I look back regrettably. Well not really.

You want a "job"? There's the bible name of "Job" then there's porn, also a
job. Job is equal to employment, by the very definition according to me.
So why is it is nothing but porn instead
of any other form of labor, could you "clean it up" I plea?

Thank thee, thank thee and get your head out of your "northern zone" for
lack of better words, somewhere under that belt, you have learned. As for
the momentary to life long friend, "there goes the equator" I agree with you
now and then.

Peace, out.

I was #200 in the IRS line, Fort Worth TX, biding my time
Days later I came to know, in Austin, TX, there were 200 IRS employees
scared by a real life show.
So well ahead of time, somebody, someone, somehow, exclusively knew
The memory of WTC 93 and the years till 9/11/01
That was then, Austin now, no more time to "come undone".

So as I viewed that IRS building in Austin as photos were available by
The tradgectory and the building you see, reminds me of the United 93
crashing into the field of Pennsylvania, all along.

So you there in the FBI don't believe in terrorism in the Austin IRS crash
as of yet?

Sooner or later, you may or may not regret, hanging up on me as I was
explaining to thee, how I was helping you there and then.
Your remark "what do you want us to do", when I called the police in Austin,
not FBI you, well, you hung up, not me, you.

Well, at the Fort Worth TX Irs office, I was at window #3, and as recorded
by law, there is not one, not two, but 3 killed in action
people that day in Austin, now, missing within the living for too long.

Random chance, no way, consider it this, the facts all along, yin yang and
dna your way into history from the future, back to here and now again
daughters and son.

Thy war on terror has been long since begun.

So it is "stack" says it'd take volumes to fill up his rant.

I read that moments ago, first time in this lifetime, more or less so, that
I came to learn of it, so you must know.

Was it earlier today or yesterday, anyway, regarding religion I did say, for
every version of religion there is, a book exists, it'd take VOLUMES to make
a true Universalist book collection for all religions to be read, including

As my imagination revolved round and round, I wonder if that's the way,
terror will soon be found....

I really don't remember or know the "Russian" website about me, William
Mahler, if you find it, please send me the link(s).

Two photos of the bro of Osama Bin Laden coming up soon, that's me next to
him, Pyro Messiah, you loon.

Zoomity zoom zoom zoom.

Well, perhaps he is the REAL Osama, I say so not, how bout you.

No matter how twisted, screwed up, mystified, decreed and cried, no matter
how much worth there is in story alive, here you read from me before your
very eyes.

I left Cape Cod, fed up and confused, from where I am, I felt completely
used. So, someone could say the same of his/herself due to me.

So I write to you dutifully.

Understand this Paul, there is one man that should be behind bars, meaning
in the Barnstable County Jail o'er in Otis Air Force Base, his name, none
other than "T. O. M.", a brother of mine, sadly, in disgrace. His own
probation officer, Jennifer Pease, despite my request to "haul him in"
simply refused, she said to me, "I know how to do my job" and I replied
"Obviously, I'm not talking to you". So, Paul, just a sentence of a long
sob story, well, before you Paul, I ask you, let there be no more worry.
He's broke the law, time and time again, go get his court reports, please
value them. Hey, he sexed my ex-wife, long before we divorced, 2002 he was
diseased, spread it to my wife named Lee, Leonda that is. That's fact. Oh,
he robbed banks, I swear it's true, get the truth out of Christopher Brown,
of Bank Of America, he heard it from me true, weeks ago, the interview is
long overdue. Now "T. O. M.", never paid a income tax more than once, meaning his
Fed & State, well, those are IRS laws, jail sentence, yes a "slam dunk". Do
I have to say how he snorted cocaine, well Robert Luby would swear it from
the grave. How about the fact, that the father that "T. O. M." is, won't be
employed for less than $20 cash, that's the way he is. No dishwashing,
floor mopping, a paid paycheck is good enough for him yet, somehow he
resides not only with Richard Brown, but at 6 Wampanoag Drive of Mashpee
Village, public housing, yes. So how does he support himself, his pill
snorting and selling habits, direct from the pharmacists shelf. Madly, I am
hell bent of him, he broke my laptop and took the "County Fair" MP3 out of
this laptop and kept it for him. Do I care about the message he tried to
drive to me. No Paul, not for a moment, no siree. By God, if that isn't
enough, Paul I know this email is rough. Just do your job, I try
to do each day. So I ask you Paul, ask my cousin C. B., that's
blog writer and web admin, Mr. B to you. Hey, she's "locked and
loaded" and ready to battle war, but please believe me, stripping bare is
needed no more, least not in my life, how about you, are you sure? I know
these are rhymes this is true. As sure as this is "Shooting myself in the
foot" well, I hope my next relationship with a woman, means, no excuses, no
infidelities, under any circumstance, that is true. How about you?

Hey, I'm trying to capture Osama Bin Laden, I've got 2 new photos, I may
share with you. Look to my blog or Mahler's Music Notes, the story will be done
before long.

So long, so long.

Do keep in touch, arms length, may be too much.

Yes, I hope you have more than a editors touch.

As for you reading this, some of this, if you wish, I provide for you a simple clue, in more than just a word or two. Each paragraph, each word, each syllable use of mine, is meant for more than just you and me, in fact the son and daughter of mother nature and father time. truly by every Gods design.

As for Ray Charles, trully not blind, okay, he couldn't not see, still he is a clear favorite of mine. From September 11, 2001, although my wife was home, somewhere in New York that day, a young woman, cried away, the shrieks, the misery, the despair, from within her green sweatshirt and curly brown hair, her hand nearly o'er face, I do retrace, in that video by Sir Charles (soon to be, I hope sir indeed) "America The Beautiful" online, she stood atop a building and the smoke and ash left trace. My then wife told me, she had been flown there, that very fateful day 9/11/01, although trully in Hyannis, she was there. Soul by soul, spirits move, and give no untruthful grace. By God, it made me gasp and cry, a man I am, for her, there is room to save the human race. Some say I gotta run, but indeed they walk, me sometimes I should not open my mouth and let my spirit trully talk. That's a home run if you ask me, not a balk.
Despite how smart I may be, truly, I cannot (sometimes) walk and talk and chew gum at the same time.

Sioban Magnus, you do read and understand me, I know too little or too much, but by any God, I swear by it, you've got the Mahler touch!

Hillary Clinton, it takes a village indeed.

But if anyone were to ask me, Janet Napatolino, Homeland Security Chief, you should trully leave. Leave what you might ask? Remove yourself from your hired task, here ye, here ye, Janet E. Morris as the new Homeland Security Chief, effective immediatly, as soon as possible, as of sometime yesterday, in fact I made my mind up, sometime in 1984 ways.

I've got to finish my federal and state tax returns as of 20 minutes from now.

As for those here with me at Barnes & Noble, we've written more than a book somehow. Thy pen of eternal life will keep flowing, before any God we are bowed.

Free internet indeed, I have to earn some money with more than Flash Gordon speed. illicit illegal drugs please.

W. K. Mahler

1:04 PM Tuesday February 23, 2010
W. K. Mahler
"Act Of Mercy? What Do You Know, Rip It! Without Any Trace"
Getting riskier and riskier by the moment......truly the evils of Nazi Germany rears it's ugly head....
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