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Postby WKMahler » Tue Feb 23, 2010 7:21 pm

Form the cracks on the pavement floor
Russel said, in the name of Jesus and sound mind,
No more riddle or rhyme, no more, no more.
So a long time ago, in a land not too far away
My fallen brother now, then, crack got into his internal display
So here I was at a park unified, Osama, oops, Russel,
What can I, we do, I cried.

Well, I didn't have a tear in my eye.
So Osama, Bin Laden, troubles you have had,
I watched you, witnessed you accept Jesus
In your face, I knew Jesus was serious, happy and mad.
At one time, he turned over tables and by the seat of many a mens pants
He threw them out the doors, sure blood had flown, but not by Jesus's punch for sure.
That's what they got, way back when, when Jesus knew that greed and money, hurt the hungry, many to countless people, humans, now and then.

Jesus was an only son, so a singer songwrite did sing and say
But I say excuse me, there's practically twins in everyones life
If not by mother and father, then fused, glued and cleansed and used for later use, that's DNA.

How else could I explain the sister Samantha, the brother Richard and that (I hope he is still in a glass tube in Germany, Swatstickas and all) twin of mine, wow, that's brothers 3 and a sister, we should've had a great time, excuse me twin Bill Gates, long after I was born, 1967, November of, what were you doing with the mother of mine?
In a home, a room, delivering another baby, then during the 1970's you appeared to be the age you are now. Well, like I said everybody's got a twin, I'm driving this message home somehow.

In hopes of peace...

So way out there in the Middle East, Osama, I think the militant in you is in easy reach.
Lay down your weapons, throw down your guns, walk peacefully away from the darkness into the Lords deserts sun. A new day has begun. For if one bullet, rocket is aimed towards you, fired, well certainly more war is due. Time for some peace, around the world wide globe, I swear by it and this deep seeded inside my lung azygos lobe. Nor a riddle or a rhyme I, well I did intend. Makes you think, so it does me to now and again.

Mr. Robert Gates, here's a message for you, you wrote an attack was imminent any day or within a minute or two. Now had I been listening, I would not have slept, for as sure as you were live on t. v. saying that, within hours my brother Troy attacked with his best to date as of yet. Well, I left immediatly, well, kind of so, off down and up the US east coast, almost straight across to this Texas land, instintualist I've been called, America and the rest of the world, thankful I am.

For over in Austin TX, a plane pilot did crash through, the IRS building, wow what a message too. So remember back to way back in 93 or 92, the first WTC van bombing, a clear sign of future trouble, no, I need not remind you. Texas had the 3rd largest economy before GWB was Pres, so there is a lesson in the spiritual, no matter how you say it or write it, there is another 9/11/01 headed into Texas, and sadly I believe it's due. The pessimist in me, true, but I clearly remember walking with 19-20 terrorists on the Cape Cod lands, then reading about them and their visits, to the domain mahlers.com I dare say I am driving you mad. One week after that fateful day, thank God and Allah and every other God, CNN Headline News delivered the news, I thank them to this day. Them there terrorists in Arizona, at the University Library computer systems, was so deep inside the domain in me, since then, there has been no turning back, don't look back, don't look back, don't look back. Study history, live it again, walk and talk with the Devil, be he never a true friend. So you know what I'm saying, so with quick respect due you. Pay more than attention world, 9/11/01 could be reality all over again, somewhere in Texas, the Devil that is Satan knows it's due. Oh, boo hoo.

Now as for Hitler #2, well he is in the South American lands, I would decapitate him myself, but I have no passport in my hands. No cleansing that mans soul, no siree, if you ask me personally and professionally, Russel and Osama, you have a friend named me, me William K. Mahler, understand please? 9/11/01 was just a firecracker going off 4x in a row, compared to the disasters that is and is not ahead of us, none of us really want to know, the reality come true, so it goes, so it goes.

So as for the $25,000,000 reward for the capture of Osama Bin Laden, excuse me but you there who declared the moneys worth it, keep it for ourselves, for yea, that's 25 mill, but betteer spent on peaceful projects, instead of a life of hell. Well, okay, I sure could use a easy $1,000,000 and if I recall well it's true. I'm more than a musician and a CIA wannabe, I'm architect with more than a tried, proven and true house built, that' s Mahlers blues, thank me, thank Leonda, thank you God & Allah for the simple US truth.

Hey, as for art, nudity of any kind, sure I appreciate it, but you know it can and will drive me straight out of my mind. Equally as you I'm sure, there is more than a reason to find, the reason why we can be so morally bankrupt, but hungry no more from time to time.

Someday we'll look back upon all this...

Mr. Austin, Bob you are, that's a safe sure bet about the Patroits and Saints, by God, the gambling men you and I and everbody else who's heard and read about it, "McHales Navy" we are. That's the Saints by a field goal, Jerry Jones new place, excuse me cowboys, colts and lassos, the die hard Patriots are forever in the race, you know the clear winner here, due to Rita too, you can bless that minor hurricane disaster, compared to the bigger, better, madder and badder, more than you and or I never really knew, nor clearly do we care too. Anyone disagree? To the madhouse with you, unless you are studying, well, I think you believe it's true, 2012 the movie, is more fact and fiction combined, so as for Katrina & Rita, they are triple AAA battery power combined and compared to the holy storms ahead of us, take shelter in the sun for some time, be glad, be weary, be strong be safe, let go let God, lead you to higher ground and to unlock your hearts safe.

In hopes of peace, Unity!

Well, gobbly, gobbly, gobbly gook, playing for you a note a melody in your head, RN where abouts is you, had enough gin and tonic, I'm sorry by spirit that happened to you. Regarding current USA laws, marijuana is the ultimate hangover medicine, tried, true and express to you, after a quart of gin in 84, that marijuana took my hangover away almost instantly, a great use for sure. No Mr. Jim, riddled in sin, a big nose blow you did take, well, that pizza fell like dominoes, my life was at stake. The reality is, my own nurse practitioner said, no more coca cola William ye shall take. Lessoned learned, hopefully never again I shall make.

One more joke, another toke, a new reason for straight talk and no rhyme. Well, there is no excuse, the truth is, music is the embodiement of the fabric of time. So long, shalom and yin yang to you. I gotta get outta here, dinner is 20 minutes a walk away, at the Union Mission Gospel, from me to you. When I have some cold hard cash, back to the noble barnes of Fort Worth I come back, for a decaf coffee and a sandwich too, by now after many a day, at the least, it's overdue. Thank you, thank you.

In hopes of peace, unity....and

"What's the number one pick up line in Provincetown?"
.."May I push your stool in."



Well this time, I know, I'm not coming home.....
....but I'm thinking of you, more than ever...
These waves...are crashing down...
and all I remember is, lying on the ground.........

In memory of a walking dead man, my bro Troy, of whom, his own physical, spiritual, mind heart body and soul, he continues to destroy, with no self control. YPD, you don't want a real vendatta against you from me, not another one, at all, no siree mam or anyone else.


William K. Mahler
W. K. Mahler
"Act Of Mercy? What Do You Know, Rip It! Without Any Trace"
Getting riskier and riskier by the moment......truly the evils of Nazi Germany rears it's ugly head....
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