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--Rant And Ramble--

December 2003
Recorded in studio.

I don't know
Through the mountains
To the shore
There's a seagulls flying
And the lions roar
There's a junipers growing
Whip-o-will flies around
How does a whip-o-will fly around when it's stem is in the ground
There's a child in a sundress
Lookin' up to the sky
There's a car over by the bypass
The driver's flicking a cigarette off to the side
There's a cat meowing at the door
"Won't you give me some food just once more"
There's a flagpole with it's flag half down
There's a somberness in this town
There's a spirit moving in the air
I hear it calling you beware, yeah.
I'm coming on.
There's a mocking bird that has been heard
There's something that's been understood
There's a peaceful man walking across the land
There's a peaceful woman holding him by the hand
There's a ship going by
I can understand
To try to get somewhere
Over in the African shore
There's a humble man entering a door
Over on the Chinese side
There's humbleness in their pride
In the Iraqi soil we're looking for oil
And there is nothing there but men who toil
There's bombs blasting everywhere
There is children's skin crying not heeding the size
Better known as beware
Over in the U. K. it's okay
We're gonna let you do your life anyway
Maybe in France I'll find some trance
Where there's something going on by chance
Over in the Canadian area I know there is something
That is quite serious
And in the Mexican lands
Oh, in the Brazilian lands
In the Venezuelan lands
In the Cuban lands
Over by the Jersey shore, their Washington D. C. capital you can hear them roar
And in this zone, in my zone, I leave myself and my wife alone
On the other side, side of peace
There's a woman living indiscreet
She prays to God, "give me a chance, just want one more merry dance"
There's a police man traveling on the road looking for just one payload
Maybe sometime we will find
Another reason to make a harmonious rhyme
Maybe sometime we will find
To make ourselves another harmonious rhyme
Mmm, in the Sandwich lands there is a man who understands
That it's his life in his hands
In the Truro sands there is a woman
Who looks for peace in the ocean she sees
Another seal rising from his sleep
Oh, in the Yarmouth area, there is a book where everybody knows if you look
There's something inside
Oh there's someone inside
Over in Bourne, there's a land that's torn
Poisoning the soil for the unborn
And in the Sagamore way well what can I say
There's traffic coming to and fro everyday
Well over in the Boston lands
There is a man that sits behind a desk
Folding his hands
Oh, the mentally ill, they take their fill
But there's not enough lawyers for a till
And there's a president somewhere, somewhere
Looking into his own stare
There's a Kennedy saying "Hey there must be a change"
"Hey brother can I have the money you saved?"
And over in the eastern lands there's some kind of man
Who's thinking he is God's own creation another man
We strung him up before, tell me what for
He's coming for us now, he's gunning full bore
And there's something going on
Oh, there's something coming on
A car drives by I can hear the man, sitting in the seat
Sitting in the seat looking at the street
Another word goes by I hear a cry
I gotta stop and only sigh
Somebody please, won't you please
Give me the keys to our peace
Somebody please, won't you please
Give me the keys to our peace
Give me the keys to our peace
Oh, give me keys to my peace
Give me the keys to our peace
One more, can you understand the what for
Give us the keys to our peace
Please ... 44829.html
Ukraine PM abandons poll challenge

Well, for perspective, ya, my brother of whom, if I could, I would make him no longer part of any Mahler family, plain and simple and why? The Barnstable District Court of Massachusetts, have sided by my brother Troy, by way of restraining order against me, for they know Troy is not one to annoy. To bad they could and have been swayed, for it's is in Troys own interest, to put down the alcohol and snorting of his pills of which he sells, and get a real job aka employment, dishwashing is the test. You are shaken to the core, worthless to me you are in the courts, no wonder why so many have abandoned the Cape Cod land, before me and many more for sure. By the time I left Cape Cod nearly 2 weeks ago, my travel down the coast through the Blue Ridge Mountains, to Georgia, to Arkansas, to eventually Texas, for over a week, I slept in the cold, in my car, not showering or stopping for long anywhere, just to get to where I am here by far. I was awake, I was livid, I was emotional to, in so many ways a wreck, more than ever than I was used too. It seemed on Cape Cod, I was not allowed to be, the emotional man that I ever am, at least in Texas, I have a new community. Slowly but surely, I will arise again, not just from the depths of the red bank account, but my life back from the dead. Hey, we all make simple to critical mistakes in life but his was way back in 2002, when he diseased my then spouse in his girlfriends home, way back in '02. That was one good reason to say adeu. Truly, for whatever reasons infidelity does exist on this planet, in acts of mercy, art and nudity, I say to hell with that damn it. Maybe I should've turned into Amish, but they've got their problems too, so if I do get involved with another woman in my life, sexually, believe me, I'll do my best to keep it between me and her, not you. Do you understand what I'm writing, what I'm trying to say, my 18 year marriage could've have been better, without either of our infidelities any night and or day. Nor, contract, nor bliss, no midnight affairs of the ragged hearts, another bill to pay by skin to skin bliss. Ya, you have your choices, as do me myself and I. But surely, I cannot afford in my heart, body mind and soul another disgrace in any Gods face, made by my choices within this human race. To get to the point, this is so tough to write, I could go on for hours, about Gods might. Boyfriend and girlfriend, fiance and bride to be, husband and wife, no more anyone else in nudity and or sexually. I know, for some reason, that's like shooting myself in the foot, but that's the way it had to be and wasn't. Visions of skinny dipping way back in the 80's, the blacks, the chinese, the mexicans, the jewish ladies, the whites, the vietnamese, well, I got more of me, wildest times of my lifetime, truly the 1980's. So here I am at 42, playing the homeless man in front of you. As for Usama Bin Laden, believe you me, he was asked to be the militant, and he did his work true, for way back when when Jesus walked the land, he overturned a table, run by the madness of greed and money on behalf of you. I've said it before and I'll say it again, 9/11/01 was like a speeding ticket compared to the damage the human race could do.

Hey, Mr. "Little Pink Houses" For You & Me Mellancamp.

While you are running for senate, would you please consider the manuevers
the Bank Of America takes against the homeless, the penniless as
unwarranted, unwanted and a direct threat to the well being of those "on the

Meaning, for example Mr. Mellancamp, Senator to be. Bank of America said I
was nearly$450 in the red by computer screen yet by phone, nearly one
hundred less you see. My wallet, my bank card my checks had been stolen
it's true. By agreement with Bank Of America, I thought their word was
true, meaning as of the 13th of this month, not another withdrawal from my
accounts, no matter who wanted it, no matter what amount. Understand, by
the 13th, previous, my accounts were antied up, although I was in the red,
at least my debt was cleared up. Well, Bank Of America, did a number on me,
they let me withdraw .51 cents and tried to make a fool out of me. Long
after the date of the 13th you understand from this man, me. I don't care
if the "police" are trying to trace, who is the bad guy or the good guy, I
felt ripped off by their place. Bank Of America, a Tracy she her name is,
mentioned loopholes and potholes, cause that's how Bank Of America is.
This, I cannot forgive. I need my money, plainly as anyone could know, just
to keep from being homeless, originally my choice as you know. There is
homeless, there is homeless in any place, there is home is where the heart
is, so where I write is my new home in this place. So I told Tracy, that
just the other day, when Bank Of America would not help me, I'd bring them
down someway. 15.16 their market went up, when I read that from the news, I
knew I could make them bankrupt. Well, a conversation that lasted quite
aways, I learned later on, Bank Of America fell from grace. Again today,
Bank Of America, would not replace, the $35 fee they took from me, despite
that lock that was supposed to be in place. Loopholes and mistrust, like a
open door to a car, well at least that car didn't get driven off, thank God
by far. So I told Tracy today, you will have a war from me, Usama Bin Laden
himself said he'd bankrupt the economy. Well, I'm helping with my bit
understand and must you see. No bomb threats, no jets to come crashing
down, but honestly Mr. Mellancamp, Bank Of America must come down.

See, I don't care if it's Obama, or Bush in charge of thee, my agreement
with Bank Of America, was between the bank and only me. I don't care about
their regulations much more anyways, for they ripped me off despite my
trust, what more can I do to even the score in so many days.

Mr. Mellancamp, "I ---------- am cooooooming hoome - to-o-o-o-o-o-o-o--o
you." something like that, remember flight 93, my music, "Leonda (I'm
Coming Home)" the musical embodiement of 9/11/01 and the hanging of Saddam
from August 29. 2001, I swore by it then, and I swear by it now, Bank Of
America, you are done somehow.

Never forget.

Oh, PS by the way, my mighty Iranian friend "Moe" says to his "bro" "Mostafa" in deep in Tehran,
I need some $ Mostafa, can you send me some to the land of Uncle Sam.

Now I could write to Al Jazeera, in fact, that's what I'm going to do, so Mr. Mellancamp, as you may or may not
be reading this, hopefully Mostafa comes through.

William K. Mahler
Yahoo Instant Messenger ID: mahlerscom
"Deb Rusnak" <> wrote in message
> John Mellencamp for Senator from Indiana.
> ... htm?csp=34
> deb
Here's a fact I know too well. "What comes around goes around".

Well....why a certain so and so claims 100% rights to "Freedom" from
09/19/01, meaning I had no part in the creation of, is anyones guess BUT, at
least through ASCAP and the Copyright Office of the USA, I did the correct
thing by naming Audrey L. Kelly as co-creator, despite her husbands demands
then. So as I have come to understand, the Springsteens of Cape Cod have
had dinner with the, the Kellys? Well, let me understand this, okay,
everyone messes up in life once in awhile, but can you honestly tell me, why
the efforts were made? I'll try to interpret this as easy as possible.
"Devils & Dust" the song is based upon "Freedom" and there is no
"googlegroup" or any other usenet posting left from 09/19/01 from me about
"Freedom" in the groups. I interpret this as
a clear infringement of public access to any legal records left upon the
Usenet. I also interpret this as a means to keep "Under the table" meaning,
"off the books" any works that could have produced taxable income for that's
just how it is. Perhaps that is how the demon himself has employment with
GeekSquad, owns his own home with a mortgage and his spouse remembers
shaking violently in a therapists office years ago, exactly when she was
told to divorce him, and as he walked in to not save her, but to save
himself. Tax write offs, undeclared income, low balloon payments, I don't
know, I don't care, I just know if he can make it, I can make it anywhere.

Hey, I understand the divorce I had, sometimes I wish I hadn't, sometimes
I'm more glad than ever than I did. We were far to destructive meaning, no
more infidelities were not a possibility. Infidelity, be it in the name of
art or science or just plain ol lust, in our hearts Leonda and I did begin
to rust. As for the demon, his wife, my former musical partner, go ahead
and may your bowel movements be worse in time, far shorter than your
expected lifespan. I truly despise you that much.

However, I do come to take the task upon myself, it was Springsteens own
attorney, whom did not hear anything of "Devils & Dust" in "Freedom". Sir,
it is not a matter of spirit, it's not a matter of body soul or mind, well
it is but most importantly, cold hard facts of mine. Don't mess with me,
don't try to annoy me once again, yes, Springsteen is the Boss, but I am
nearly God in his land.

So remember that, I tell you now, when I want my $, I will get it somehow.

Otherwise, I am the man with the donkey, of whom, built a staircase for
nuns, and left before the big celebration. -analogy.

Superbowl, Jerry Jone's Cowboy Stadium, it's going to be the "die hard"
Patriots vs. the New Orleans Saints with the Saints winning perhaps by a
fieldgoal. SSI, William K. Mahler.

Oh, that does mean by that time, the Red Sox will have hoisted their 1st
championship of this decade.

There is much in life that is non negotiable, the facts above in this post,
are some of them.

Well, understand this pertaining fact, that M2 Technologies Inc. I am a founding member of that, since 1984, between
"The 40 Minute War" covers #1 & #2. So as for right wing extremists and
cryptofascists...just remember, George W. Bush once entered the Fort Worth
Texas Library, zip code 76102 with a copy of that book, "The 40 Minute War"
and today, I asked a librarian if they had a copy too. No no no, oh boo

Please do tell me more, I'm minutes away from leaving this place, the Barnes
And Noble, without her face in this place. Oh well......another day.
"XODDI" <> wrote in message
>> "W. K. Mahler, Mahlers.Com" <> wrote in message
>> news:hk7lgq$lf0$
>>> Mind telling me of your knowledge of Janet & Chris Morris?
>>> WK
>> I've read their books. They are right wing extremists.
> Oops, I forgot - cryptofascists. for me and meds....understand this, direct from me to you
"grue". no more anti psychotics in my body ever, so help me god. as for
any other meds, like the urinary tract infection i've had and the meds i
take for those, sure, any day of the week.

regarding psychology and or psychiatry, sure, they have their uses,
purposes, but honestly, i don't think there is one psychologist and or
psychiatrist on this planet who could handle a man as me, plain and simple.

whom do i think could truly handle me? well remember the cover of
"innuendo"? the globes being juggled by a blonde woman with a mustache as
the small suited and capped man stood below?

as much as i care for my own mother to stay out of my life, she is the very
fabric, naughty or nice.

if you only knew where i was the other day.....sometime i'll take the effort
into consideration to tell you.

as for me, yes, i'm the same man whom said, no more sex for me until i'm wed
again....and when i'm wed, no excuses, no reasoning, no sex with anyone
else, one man, one woman, as it has been intended to be all along.

but for now, as many times from the streets and businesses of fort worth
texas that i've been on and in, sometimes, the immediacy of rings and
marriage comes back now and again.

who am i kidding, nobody really, but honestly grue, it is my life that i am
dealing. no not ilicit hardcore illegal drugs, i've walked with the poor,
i've walked with the thugs, i've talked to the twins of any woman and or
man, i've sat here remembering just who i am. i've spread the word about
our life in the usa, from the impovershed to the rich, anyone can be anyone
in this life that i've been led and led.

so what can i say grue, just between me and you, i remember who got the
mescalline to my hands, 2 years after 1982. he looks like me, much taller
than me and honestly he is a father of me, not my daddy, rhm, but someone
else, marrried to a jem.

i can blame anyone, but i blame myself, for almost ruining my life, my
potrait on a shelf.
cia wannabe, well they taught me well, but that night in 84, i thought i was
going through hell.

so what can i say to those scabs that appear, on my skin of my skull, as
they do many a times a year.

just keep calm, listen to those who are there for you most, trust in your
instincts, be your own host.

i go for now....from where i am at barnes and noble, by taylor street, there
is a youngin' whom was more than nice enough to along with everyone else the
other day, guide me along for the words i had to type and they do say....

William K. Mahler
Yahoo Instant Messenger ID: mahlerscom
"Grüe" <> wrote in message
> "W. K. Mahler, Mahlers.Com" <> wrote in
> news:hjngef$str$
>> Honestly,
> ..
> Mahler, get help. Take your meds. Your theory would be OK if it wasn't
> cribbed directly from an episode of the G.I. Joe cartoon. I think you have
> a real problem seperating fact from fictions, imagination from reality.
> Go see your therapist.

As for the 17 days of hell Leonda and I went through, back in 2007, well, another reason Cape Cod and I are through. Despite my attempts to tell police and doctors too, my wife would be raped by someone, if I did not come home soon. They did not care, they did not listen, and my prophesies came true, for 17 days later, I learned her words were true. So the Cape Cod people would blame it on the words of schizophrenia and this man, but somehow, I will come to seperate their facts and fictions across every land. You are warned now, whoever walks with me today, from the smallest to the biggest incidents, the balances of injustice swing equally each day. What was wrong with you on Cape Cod, were you just wannabe scientists trying to understand, what could happen to the whole wide world in the future, by allowing the raping of a woman and a man? Then, truly you are damned. There is more to the story, as you do know, more and more, I oughta be a monk, to keep you out, my door is closed. So it goes, so it goes, I'll let someone in, who it is, someone knows. By the way, KK, jealousy as it may have been, way back in 5th grade, I'm sorry, I did not sing happy birthday to your pappy, I knew I should've back then. Good luck my former crush, of a not so innocent time. As for BH and JG, I bet you wished you never spit on my face and glasses, you are sorry from time to time. Well, same goes for me, I've made countless errors, now and again time to time. Peace.

Hey, back to the present, from the 12th or 13th in this Salvation of Armies, I do retrace, you whom drinks the brandy, give back my wallet and checks to this man of caucasian race. It was the two handed iron cross man named Rick, who tried to sell my USB for a dollar in front of me, yes he took my wallet and checks while I slept in the dining room, with my laptop in front of me.

Deborah, I knew you knew me, from outside the door, my ears were listening, to you and your words of peace, not war. Come again, my friend, Leonda would cry direct to you, I swear by God & Allah and any God it's true.

There was much said in that 15 minutes or more, I could've stayed in your home but I had travel to tend to, no matter how sane or insanity minded I may have been, I someday hope to be with you again.

So it were, that I left message with Representative Jeff Perry as to whom a sister of his truly is and you are looking at her, above this sentence. True, Deborah Emmerich had only one child, but for example, eggs do travel worthwhile. Sorry no, but at least to say, it happened to you it happened to me, anyone else with something to say?
Leonda, your bro Jeff and your bro Edward, behave :-) Luv, William.

Dear Grandmother Alice Mahler, Betty as known to all of us, the Halls in your life, has done complete justice. Thy painting of Mrs. Deborah L. Hall above this sentence here, reminds me of my own true mother Teri, from sometime during the 1970's , a painting, now hanging in a chapel somewhere near.

To Ting, the man from China, whom built B1 Bombers and Boeings, my cousin or not Melanie a former RN, well, I believe, she and you, there is the meaning of true happiness, let us all know that's what it brings. Cupid I'm not by any means. LOL William.

4:37 PM February 20, 2010: I uploaded the full length version of "Teddy's Song" complete with harmonica interlude, in hopes that you can make sense of it's movements in relation to the Haiti earthquake. The vocal part is Haitis rising again.
W. K. Mahler
"Act Of Mercy? What Do You Know, Rip It! Without Any Trace"
Getting riskier and riskier by the moment......truly the evils of Nazi Germany rears it's ugly head....
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