When You Reach The Top & Look Down...............

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When You Reach The Top & Look Down...............

Postby WKMahler » Thu Feb 25, 2010 8:47 pm

When You Reach The Top & Look Down, Does It Really Matter Which Way Is Up Again?








James Cameron, Roland Emmerich & Mel Gibson and me of course, William K.
Mahler, 6 months of labor James & Roland. So says the soul poetry site of
the Canadian north and James William Mahler & Daniel Emmerich.

Obama me this, Obama me that, President Osama Barack Bin Hussein Laden
Obama, 2x the presidency we have struck. No bullets, not any shame, Abraham
Lincoln was spurned once, lessons we have gained.



I'm never ever going back to be a landscaper earning $13/hr. I'm humble and
have been humiliated enough during my years as a resident of Cape Cod to
know that within my lifetime to this very date, I've earned double digit
millions and have yet to collect a penny. Someday, someway, I will.

I know, that's like saying the Red Sox win the World Series in 6 games, 2010
but what do I do to earn money between now and then? Analogy I know, but
it's the truth.

Thats "then" this is now. I hope Boost Mobile goes beyond national to
international and remain the same monthly price, for when that comes true,
soon you and I will be talking too.


For you are "there".....do you value the stock and investment markets? I
do, but rarely ever take the time to get involved from other than what I
wrote to you earlier, of which you replied to and I'm answering to you now
Cendrine. As for my involvment, it's because it is about time, my true real
name and of course, myself is involved with a major motion picture. How
about you Cendy?

Okay, Kelly Clarkson...so what if she reminds me of my brother Troy (A
twisted evil version of James Gandolfini doing his best to wreck the
Sopranos) Mahler and God only knows who and or what Troy slept with b4
Clarkson was born. Does that mean a twin of Kelly Clarkson went on to be
not only photographed but videotaped with the hugest suprised and happily
sensually instinctual look on her face as she looked at the huge black man
of whom was entering her from behind? By God it's still online.....Usenet
Binaries of course.

Hello Kelly Clarkson, that oughta wipe out any demons in your life, that
paragraph above this sentence. Good luck with your career, "niece" of mine.

As for Siobhan Magnus & Alex Lambert, by God, who's awesome idea was it to
fuse Leonda K. Mahler & William K. Mahler (divorced March 2008) into Siobhan
& Alex? Probably mine and Osama Bin Laden of course.

Ladies before gentlemen, the winner? Siobhan of course!

Now all you men and women out there, yes she is 19, but if you care to have
a future life, meaning no RIP or not, then you keep your pants zipped up and
your kissers anywhere but on her mouth and below the neck, period or you
will know the full entire wrath of the #1 terrorist father musician ever
known to exist throughout the history of the Universe, namely ME, W. K.
Mahler, William K. Mahler, none other than me, myself and I. I dare you to
try me!

Alex, protect your sister, Siobhan, after all we are one giant universal
global community.

Oh God, where did we go wrong? Please get an answer from Allah, of whom,
both of you understand each other, we've known all along.

President Obama, 2nd term
Saints vs. Patriots, Superbowl 2011, Saints victory by 3
Red Sox, World Series 2010, victors of the series by game 6

Lest ye forget for everytime a truth is written, a tragedy is unleashed and

Do I care, yes I do, there is sanity and madness in me too.

So it were for example, the Nazi's tattoed the Jews, marked for execution
and worse....
So as it is psychiatry and psychology worldwide for centuries, have
"tattoed" the people, such as I,
with a profound domination, diagnosis of any form of schizophrenia, a
unGodly lie.

Think Universally about all that, for although an example of two different
races, it applies worldwide and universally, a certain fact.

O'er there in Florida, a Dawn died yesterday, a killer whale dragged her
hair, she drowned in a pool Wednesday.
And her own people walked through Fort Worth Texas, not too long ago.
A curse I could not and would not put on such as sunny Dawn as she, it is
the madness of my brother, a son of James Gandolfini, although it is Mahler
on the birth certificate I swear, I refer to my brother Troy, fueled by more
than alcoholism, on Cape Cod I do declare....

It is his vain attempt to bring down a good world, he careth not truly for
his own son and daughter, for if he had, he'd have drained his last bottle,
the first one he ever had, and never looked back, from hell to sanity, a

As for the true winner of American Idol Season #9.

"Houston we have a problem" LOL. Lunar Valve indeed. But honestly I must
decree, I live through children of me, me and my own ex-wife, whom children
by which we did not "have".
Runner up #2 appears to be, someone very much like me, a male indeed. As
for the winner of season #9, a woman better than I. Who am I? I am the
worlds and universes most elite singer throughout the history of all
time....till now........

There was a time when I did reach, I attained true high c. A shot glass
broke in a mans hand, while the cellar window cracked entirely. 1987,
winter, December...

For example, now, I must give you a hand. The Siobhan Magnus, could shatter
dozens of windows from 150 feet away, easily, far better than I.

So who has big shoes to fill, not her, it is I.

So here ye, here ye, all you women and men, daughters and sons, here it is
we have begun.

O'er there in the Middle East is a man of Allah's faith. But o'er here in
Fort Worth, there is a man of Jesus faith. Who are these two men you ask?
Well give attention to the following, this.
One is Osama Bin Laden, the other Russell Sloan. By God & Allah they are
indeed some sort of twins, I know by my own two photos and memory alone.
Oh, that is me next to Russell Sloan, or is it Osama Bin Laden in thee. As
if the movie "Avatar" was and is based on reality, then you understand and
more than see.

O'er there in Austin, TX, there was an airplane crash. Into the IRS
building, a true act of terrorism, known for centuries, yet leaked out more
than fast. Remember WTC 93 and the field of Pennsylvania where the jet did
go, remember the last two words of my song "Leonda (I'm Coming Home)", for
it is those huge reminders of the powers invested in thee. By God & Allah,
9/11/01 was just a speeding ticket, compared to the damage we could do to
our home and spiritual tree.

Yes I am divorced, and sometimes sorrowfully yet happily so. For if we
remained wed, we'd have destroyed ourselves to death, with and or without

We've been whored we've whored back, in unity and peace, so as for my next
wife, I hereby do decree.

You want more madness in your life? Consider it a certain RIP death. Our
clothes are never coming off except between her and me, our sound judgements
under the rule of God & Allah, for us to decree. In other words, no
excuses, no exceptions, except for a health exam, an occassionally in the
privacy of a pond and or ocean somewhere, I ain't saying or telling and
there is no way in this Universe anyone, anywhere is going to know. So says
I, know you know. Okay, I wrote of my future marriage, generally, but I'm
sure you get the idea, in privacy rated x but in public rated PG...PG 13.

As for James Cameron, Roland Emmerich, Mel Gibson, Soul Poetry Site and me,
William K. Mahler is me, and Siobhan Magnus, there is your violin. It is
your soundtrack and single, your music already did begin. Lyrics, you and I
collaborated as far back as 2001. Roger is not only the witness as many
others are, but dear Siobhan Magnus, remain humble and true to who you are.

Sharon......"Don't Mess With Texas & The Rest Of The World Too" written by me about Massachusetts and my brother Troy O. Mahler too. Who is he? He is the evil version of Tony Soprano played by an evil version of James Gandolfini, perhaps his true father or not to you, it is Richard Mahler on his birth certificate too. Troy has captured the enemy line, the Barnstable District Courts letting him go freely for crimes as far back as 1994, just the tip of the iceburg has he been held accountable. So Sharon, as it is your snowman aka Saddam Hussein, deservedly hung, if you could only hear me scream.....Sharon Eddy, do as you must, hold Troy accountable to a real jail behind bars, on Otis he shall be and in you I do trust. Call me if you must.

So there you have it, "Do Now Act".

Peace, that's a certain fact, sooner or later.


Hocus Pocus Magnus Opus! In God, Allah & Every Other God We Trust!
Okay, the next person to sell or give me a cigarette, I know it's my COPD in my lungs, but honestly, sir and or mam, please give me none. Lessons learned, a headstone I have earned. Yet to this date, the name William K. Mahler, born November 21, 1967 on a headstone? Thank you, there is none.

...Don't bother looking for one, it's probably in existance, another dirty rotten trick LOL.


And if the previous post


"To And Through Hell And Back, Well, I'm Not Coming Back...Anytime Soon" didn't have printed reasons enough, well go ahead start from the top of this post, look down, will it really matter which way is up? Loopy doopy indeed! On your steed, yeha!

William K. Mahler (with the help of my father Richard H. Mahler, when I was only a toddler.)
W. K. Mahler
"Act Of Mercy? What Do You Know, Rip It! Without Any Trace"
Getting riskier and riskier by the moment......truly the evils of Nazi Germany rears it's ugly head....
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