"My Face Today"

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"My Face Today"

Postby WKMahler » Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:16 pm

Yes, I will remarry someday, to none other than a daughter of Usama Bin Laden, no one else. The human population yes, can be cloned, but never will the soul be cloned. Jesus Christ will walk this Earth once again. Usama Bin Laden, raised in Muslim faith, to this day, understands Jesus Christ. Thanks to William Kelly, of whom read me the Koran entirely as I slept, at least I can humbly state, I understand, the Koran. There is a photo of Usama Bin Laden walking away from a cave. Not thee cave of Jesus Christ, where his body did lay for three days, but a cave none of the less. Jesus Christ will rise again, in the form of a man. If by any chance that Jesus Christ is a clone, then there is true 100% destruction of this planet Earth, coming soon, straight into and through you, total and eminent demise of everybody's livfes. However, when Jesus Christ has his two feet upon our planet again, not a clone at all, together in union with Allah, there will be peace on Earth.
Although in darkness with a ball cap on, perhaps you understand the laughter and sadness, felt moments ago and all along.

"My Face Today"
Within thee last few days
By type and the press of a button
I made our lives sway
The words of a promise
A guided spirit come our way
************An image of a young Leonda K. Emmerich, holding a book of "Peter Pan" could not fit here, the dimensions of 640 pixels high, could not be lowered.
So you believe I'm madness
So you believe I'm spurned
So you believe I just want to capitalize
Upon the life you have earned
So you care to live without me
By one strand of DNA
We are forever bound together
Worldwide then, later and today
I remembered clearly
Words close to yours
When my friend and I sat on a bench
There before me, was the maker of those words
She gave me kindness, as my friend left
A rare photo of me was shot, and I walked away
For I could've stayed with my friends relative
Or be with my relative that day.
There's no riddle or rhyme, perhaps there is
I cannot tell an untruth to you in any way
I was guided by my memory, heart and soul and spirit
Presence of mind, temporarily I did stay
Moon shot, the barrel of the gun
The valve of the pistons have begun
So my daughter, so my son
Which one of you will be the true number one.
Surely, your friends, I did worry, sorry they said, come here no more
But as surely as I will walk freely upon the streets of Fort Worth
You both of you are welcome for sure.
Freely, wherever my mind, soul and spirit may or may not roam
Out of the loop of some sense of reality, I never walk alone
It may appear that I do, walk alone but I'm sure you understand
Not only the both of you, but more too are always part of me, this man
Way over there, on a place named for a fish
It is a strong arm hold, a place where I did and did not resist
The truth hurts sometimes
For years you all attempted and did say
You, yes you, why not walk this way
Why not talk this way
Be this way, do you not understand
A child of God required you
Where did you go upon this land
Well lovely vigilance, I tell you again now
No excuses, no more, I knew the chances I did take
True this is not World War 2 anymore
Tis what the Irish Saint of a woman did say
As my then wife decided, to live and greet the day
Lest, you were and were not both taken away
Forever in my heart, both of you and others, forever will live as I pray


Rock and roll, heart and soul, not only me but you
For although the words "do not contact us again" are definitive
It is exactly what I will not do, again to you.
No one, nobody anywhere, anytime, can kill a spirit into death
As long as I am able to live and breath, I will fight any warring test
against thee
For I accept your words, no contact no more, you do and do not have to tell
me what for
In so many ways, "mission accomplished", onto your next mission you did say
Truth hurts, I know, I've not had a tear streaking down my face today.


....by William K. Mahler 9:22 AM, Friday February 26, 2010
O'er here at the Barnes & Noble of 76102 Fort Worth, TX. is where I am.
A true copyright by all means, the above for you to read again and again...

Adlib and guided by spirit, thank you.
W. K. Mahler
"Act Of Mercy? What Do You Know, Rip It! Without Any Trace"
Getting riskier and riskier by the moment......truly the evils of Nazi Germany rears it's ugly head....
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Re: "My Face Today"

Postby fairydandy » Fri Feb 26, 2010 7:19 pm

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Re: "My Face Today"

Postby queenfan23 » Fri Feb 26, 2010 7:33 pm

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