County "Cain & Abel" Fair

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County "Cain & Abel" Fair

Postby WKMahler » Sat Feb 27, 2010 6:56 pm


"In the bible, Cain slew Abel, and east of Eden, mama he was cast. You're
born into this life paying, for the sins of somebody else's past". -Adam
Raised A Cain by Bruce Springsteen, from "Darkness On The Edge Of Town",

I'm Cain, Troy O. Mahler is Abel and he is still alive and my opinion is, he
should walk to the courts of Barnstable and request he himself be
hospitalized in a mental ward for damages he did to someone he knows full
well was under the age of 18 and of whom I consider a daughter of my ex wife
and I. As a result of Troys actions our "daughter" was not only sexually assaulted, she was "set up" for legal problems of which she was not truly guilty of at all, then and or now. As the legal written docoments and or spoken word of history is within Cape Cod of Massachusetts and for the record, anywhere else nationwide, USA. -Not enough said or written, or perhaps too much said and or written
to date. I know.

As for "County Fair" by Bruce Springsteen. Of all the MP3's I had on this
very laptop before I left Cape Cod, Troy, broke into my laptop and removed
that one MP3. Aside from breaking the USB slot and a few other damages
whilst I slept in Richard Browns home, a home that Troy also shares, yet was
away while I was staying there, he also broke my CD deck in my car....

But, can anyone tell me why, although I researched "Tracks" by Bruce
Springsteen after "County Fair" was missing from my laptop, that I, as of 2
weeks ago, more or less, couldn't find a single trace or record of the song
in the track listings of the 4 cd set?

Would someone please send me a copy of that song? Of a personal nature and
memory of mine, it was my now ex wife, as a child, with her mom standing by
her side, at a county fair, amongst friends, none other than a young Bruce
Springsteen was there as well, one photo I currently have, the original,
still in the possession of my ex-wife. So, there you have it, the "County
Fair" connection, a theft by my own brother.


William K. Mahler
W. K. Mahler
"Act Of Mercy? What Do You Know, Rip It! Without Any Trace"
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Re: County "Cain & Abel" Fair

Postby Smeg » Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:31 pm

You're right, it's not on Tracks, but it is on The Essential Bruce Springsteen (which I don't have a copy of, I'm not one for compilations).

Another song that should be on Tracks but isn't is The Fever, which only makes an appearance on 18 Tracks. :-(
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