A Global Emergency, We Are In The Midst Of An Earthquake War

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A Global Emergency, We Are In The Midst Of An Earthquake War

Postby WKMahler » Sat Feb 27, 2010 7:01 pm

8.8.....I gather that is the size of the Adolf Hitler #2 of whom is either
alive or dead due to that earthquake in your homeland, a homeland of ours,
we the United States.

I, William K. Mahler, the musician responsible for "Merry Christmas To You",
performed and recorded less than 24 hours prior to the 2004 South Eastern
Tsunami, am hereby granting you, the entire country of Chile, express
permission to utilize my song, any way you can to heal thyselves and equally
assist in the prevention of any further tsunami's currently heading towards
Hawaii and other areas.

So says I, William K. Mahler




*Authors note, the domain "worldmediahost.com" I am the former owner of and of this writing, I have no intentions of purchasing the domain name again." - William K. Mahler

"Merry Christmas To You"
December 24, 2004

Well this time, I know
I'm not
coming home
But I'm thinking of you more than ever
These waves are crashing
All I can remember is
Lying on the ground
I know your prayers are there
for me
Would you please add someone else's as well
Might be a long, long time
before we see each other again
But at least this time, Christmas time
I know
I am at home with you again
Please remember I so much as dared care for more
than just you
From what I know
That you don't know of
Many people like
Who live the same way as you
Please remember this moment my friend
true love
I am coming home again
Merry Christmas
To you
I am coming
Merry Christmas

There is a complete story to the reasoning as to the origins of "Merry Christmas To You", my song, an original song. ASCAP member since 2003 I am.

Although I did request a video be created for "Merry Christmas To You" my immediate family turned down the idea, their loss of course and I did have the intentions of creating one by myself but never finished any of the project. So, I do recall requesting online that someone, anyone make one and deliver a copy to me, all the while, in my heart and soul, body and mind, there are more of myself and my now ex wife of mine, alive and well globally, although Leonda and I, never had children of our own.

Indeed books are gr8. So says I, remembering that within me was absolute rage and madness for reasons, I've written in my blog yesterday, for it was also yesterday before I exited Barnes & Noble of Fort Worth TX, before me, less than 5 feet away was a young woman, dressed with head garb of Iranian weaves, a head garb, also by design worn by a man known to me as Mohummed, a Iranian American, it's a long story, yet the wonderful young woman sitting there, had one sentence completed and a small paperback, a book. With total pride and a sense of peace with urgency I gazed and looked deep into her eyes, aware or not she was as she seemingly kept reading, studying her book. I should've stayed there, I should've, well, there's no time for shouldve's.

Up in the northeast, there is indeed a rage not in a cage yet. Siobhan Magnus, your TX brother Alex Lambert is going to "be at bat with a mighty home run swing and hit" this week. As you are going to "spit fire of pure Angelic song into the darkness and madness of child predators worldwide", also this week, so says I, simply a man, of whom is currently growing a beard and wearing my Boston Red Sox World Series 2007 Championship hat, black, with a white circle and the letter B, front and center, of course, as is your winner, champion of American Idol Season #9, you are to be Siobhan, your brother, Alex, runner up. There are countless "non negoitable" facts in life, your victory, the Red Sox victory of the 2010 world series, game 6 are just 3 examples.

The current "non negoitable" fact of the day is #1, Adolf Hitler #2 of Chile, your country got it's collective land destroyed by a 8.8 magnatude earthquake within the last 48 hours. You, alive, surrender to USA authorities immediatly by way of Chilean Authorities. "Merry Christmas To You" my original composition, recording, created less than 24 hours prior to the Tsunami of South Eastern Asia, 2004, is again, the storm warning and more powerful, as a effective means to ward off any tsunami heading away from Chile at present time.

Of course, you reading this email, download, share it everywhere, this isn't about money, it's a global emergency. This is not a command, not a plea, from insanity to sanity, somewhere within thee.

Peace Chile,

William K. Mahler
W. K. Mahler
"Act Of Mercy? What Do You Know, Rip It! Without Any Trace"
Getting riskier and riskier by the moment......truly the evils of Nazi Germany rears it's ugly head....
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Re: A Global Emergency, We Are In The Midst Of An Earthquake War

Postby Guru » Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:25 pm

OK, seriously....

What the fuck?
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