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Postby WKMahler » Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:53 am

Today, Oklahoma City almost became a crater, no joke, seriously.

Now come on, tell me Siobhan Magnus wasn't with Queen this past week?


"a kind of magic" meets "innuendo" era i say.

as for me, i'm looking more like a brown haired and balding gustav mahler everyday. :-) beard included.

i've had to spend an entire week in a motel room that was fit for a prisoner, windows painted over that clearly explains the
damages that occured to siobhan years ago.

note this: robert kraft, owner of gillette stadium, foxboro, mass, has already agreed to a two day concert festival, august 30 & 31, 2010.
it'll be the first time i've ever performed in such a situation with a global live audience yet today, not so alone in my car far from oklahoma city,
"celi" the song became reality......heard nationwide too. ah the power. as for you sleeping in the back of the cabin of the trailer, good luck to you.

seriously, is there any reason why siobhan has had to be ah, a stripper, prostitute etc. just to support herself? no! but it happened and i'm not happy at all, in fact, it's been all i could do not to personally explode a mens club etc and i could easily have knocked out a 6'5" 250 pound man who had finished my taxes the other day. what makes matters worse, such as zacharys of cape cod, 2004, 14 under age girls of whom, i worked with at dunkin donuts myself, those same first names were also advertised as dancers at zacharys and nobody could stop them. yet here i am, the same man of whom KNOWS i am very related to Defense Secretary Robert Gates and it did no good. When if ever I return to Cape Cod myself, I'll be more than happy to know Zacharys is closed down when I try the front door itself - William K. Mahler and PS: Siobhan herself could've resided with me, unfortunatly, life unexpected always occured. Little by little, day by day, one day at a time, we will end this.

i don't really have any light hearted subjects to write of, someday i will.

william k. mahler
W. K. Mahler
"Act Of Mercy? What Do You Know, Rip It! Without Any Trace"
Getting riskier and riskier by the moment......truly the evils of Nazi Germany rears it's ugly head....
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