Across The USA: Auto Mechanic Needed

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Across The USA: Auto Mechanic Needed

Postby WKMahler » Thu Jan 07, 2010 10:59 pm


After 30 seconds or less of thought while driving today in Hyannis, I've come to the conclusion, since I am going on a cross country working vacation, I need help, plain and simple.

What I propose is the following and I'll start with what I seek and finish on what I can deliver.

Needed: A network of auto mechanics, preferrably "mom and pop", small business owners and "off duty" mechanics. Also, part(s) found, ordered, delivered anywhere stateside USA paid in full by the mechanic, as soon as possible, preferred, within 24 hours. Also needed, your knowledge regarding reputable auto mechanics, country wide who will consider trade / barter for their work..

Parts could be anything from brakes, tires, radiator parts, starters, batteries, trannys - anything.

What I drive is a 1999 Ford Mercury Mystique GS, 6 cylinder w/126,000+ miles on it.

Briefly, I'm trying to avoid an aftermarket warranty.

Most importantly, I will at the least, establish very important relationships here, there and everywhere, as you will to.

What I offer in return:

Absolute, 100% simplistic, total hassle free, registered, built, managed, updated, designed domain name(s) and web sites, complete with everything any business and or personal person could want, to meet your needs and dreams.

Including, placement within all the major search engines, placement in "free classified" &"yellow page" type web sites, world wide.

24/7 managed care.

All you'll need to do is, at your leisure, provide me with everything about you, to be published world wide AND: :-) Send and receive email. I'll take care of the rest.

Web design is a "dream" job and I do luv it.


Thank you for reading.

William (Bill) Mahler
Cape Cod, MA.
W. K. Mahler
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