Queen: Non Album B-Sides

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Queen: Non Album B-Sides

Postby queenfan23 » Wed Mar 22, 2006 8:56 pm

The list is most likely incomplete. This is a list of non-album B-Sides. This applies to UK vinyl releases only, unless stated. Please send me additions/corrections to this list via Private Message. Thanks :)

Queen II Singles
See What A Fool I've Been (B-Side to Seven Seas Of Rhye)

The Game Singles
A Human Body (B-Side to Play The Game)

Hot Space Singles
Soul Brother (B-Side to Under Pressure)

The Works Singles
I Go Crazy (B-Side to Radio Ga Ga)
Machines (Or 'Back To Humans') [Instrumental] (B-Side to I Want To Break Free - USA 7" and 12" only)

Keep Passing The Open Windows (Extended Version) (B-Side to Thank God It's Christmas 12" single)
Man On The Prowl (Extended Version) (B-Side to Thank God It's Christmas 12" single)

A Kind Of Magic Singles
Blurred Vision (B-Side to One Vision)
A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling (B-Side to A Kind Of Magic)
A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling (Extended Version) (B-Side to A Kind Of Magic 12" single)
Forever (B-Side to Who Wants To Live Forever 12" single)

The Miracle Singles
Hang On In There (B-Side to I Want It All)
Stealin' (B-Side to Breakthru)
Hijack My Heart (B-Side to The Invisible Man)
My Life Has Been Saved (B-Side to Scandal)
Stone Cold Crazy (Live At The Rainbow Theatre, 20/11/1974) (B-Side To The Miracle 7" and 12" singles)
My Melancholy Blues (Live In Houston, TX, 11/12/1977) (B-Side to The Miracle 12" single)

Innuendo Singles
Lost Opportunity (B-Side to I'm Going Slightly Mad 12" single)
Mad The Swine (B-Side to Headlong 12" single)
Queen Talks (B-Side to The Show Must Go On 12" single)

Made In Heaven Singles
It's A Beautiful Day (Single Version) (Found on the UK CD single of Heaven For Everyone)
Rock In Rio Blues (Live in Rio De Janeiro, 1985) (B-Side to A Winter's Tale 7" jukebox single)
Thank God It's Christmas (B-Side to A Winter's Tale 7" jukebox single)

    - See What A Fool I've Been - Inspired by a song Brian saw on a television very briefly back in 1968/9 called That's How I Feel, by Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry. Brian actually forgot the song, but remember parts of the tune. You can certainly hear the inspiration from That's How I Feel.

    - A Human Body - So far, this is the only officially released Queen song to not appear on a CD release.

    - Blurred Vision - This is merely an extended version of drum solo from One Vision, which ends with the last verse of the actual One Vision song.

    - A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling - This is merely an instrumental version of Don't Lose Your Head, although it is slightly different.

    - Forever - This was released on the A Kind Of Magic CD album, but did not appear on the vinyl album and so is included as a non-album B-Side. This applies to Hang On In There appearing on The Miracle CD version.

    - My Life Has Been Saved - This version contains a different backing track to the Made In Heaven version, although the vocals are exactly the same, except the end of the B-Side version contains extra vocals.

    - Mad The Swine - This was recorded in 1972/3 and was indended for the Queen I album. The song was destined to go between Great King Rat and My Fairy King, with the drum outro merging into the start of Mad The Swine. The first word "I've" has actually been cut off of the song for the official release, as you could hear the last part of the original drum outro over it. Hence, the lyrics are "Been here before" when they were supposed to be "I've been here before". The original versions of Great King Rat and Mad The Swine haven't surfaced in the public domain as of yet - they're still in the Queen archives.

    - Queen Talks - This is a short collection of extracts from various interviews.

    - It's A Beautiful Day (Single Version) - This is an official hybrid edit of It's A Beautiful Day (Track 1) on Made In Heaven and It's A Beautiful Day (Reprise) (Track 11).

    - Rock In Rio Blues - This is just an improvisation track, similar to the song entitled 'Impromptu' which appears on the Live At Wembley CD/DVD.


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