Brian May live - What was played?

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Brian May live - What was played?

Postby IndieJens » Thu Nov 09, 2006 9:56 pm

The songs are only from his tours (no collaborations or TV performances)

PM me for further information or if you have found any errors.

'39 (1993)
'39 (part) (1992-1993)
1812 Overture (1993)
All The Way From Memphis (1998)
Another World (1998)
Another World (Spanish lyrics) (1998)
Another World (French lyrics) (1998)
Back To The Light (1992-1993)
"Band Introduction" (1992-1998)
Bass Solo (1998)
Big Spender (1993)
Bohemian Rhapsody (Reprise) (1993)
Business (1998)
Business (part) (1993)
China Belle (1998)
Chinese Torture (part) (1993)
C'mon Babe (1998)
Dance With The Devil (1998)
Dancing Queen (1998)
Driven By You (1992-1998)
Drums Solo (1993-1998)
Fat Bottomed Girls (1998)
God (The Dream Is Over) (1993)
Guitar Solo (1992-1998)
Hammer To Fall (1992-1998)
Headlong (1993-1998)
Hoochie Koochie Man (1998)
I Want It All (1998)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (1993)
Is This The World We Created...? (part) (1993)
Kalinka (part) (1998)
Keep Yourself Alive (part) (1993)
Keyboards Solo (1993-1998)
Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love) (1993)
Last Horizon (1992-1998)
Let Me Out (1992-1993)
Let Your Heart Rule Your Head (1992-1998)
Love Of My Life (1992-1998)
Love Token (1992-1993)
Merry Christmas (1993)
Mustapha (part) (1993-1998)
No-one But You (Only The Good Die Young) (1998)
Now I'm Here (1992-1993)
On My Way Up (1998)
Only Make Believe (1998)
Resurrection (1992-1998)
Resurrection (Reprise) (1993-1998)
Rollin' Over (1992)
Sail Away Sweet Sister (1998)
Since You've Been Gone (1992-1998)
Sleeping On The Sidewalk (1998)
Slow Down (1998)
Space (intro) (1998)
Tavaszi Szél Vizet Áraszt (part) (1993)
Tear It Up (1998)
Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) (1993-1998)
The Dark (intro) (1992-1993)
The Show Must Go On (1998)
Tie Your Mother Down (1992-1998)
Too Much Love Will Kill You (1992-1993)
Too Much Love Will Kill You (Italian lyrics) (1992-1993)
Too Much Love Will Kill You (French lyrics) (1993)
Waltzing Mathilda (part) (1998)
We Are The Champions (1993)
We Will Rock You (1993-1998)
We Will Rock You (Fast) (1993)
White Man (part) (1998)
Why Don't We Try Again (1998)
With A Little Help From My Friends (1998)
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