Roger Taylor live - What was played?

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Roger Taylor live - What was played?

Postby IndieJens » Thu Nov 09, 2006 10:49 pm

The songs are only from his tours (no collaborations or TV performances)

PM me for further information or if you have found any errors.

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (1994)
A Kind Of Magic (1994-1999)
A Nation Of Haircuts (1998-1999)
"Band Introduction" (1999)
Believe In Yourself (1998-1999)
Dear Mr. Murdoch (1994)
Everybody Hurts Sometimes (1994-1995)
Foreign Sand (1994-1995)
Happiness (1994-1995, 1999)
I Want To Break Free (1994-1995, 1999)
I'm In Love With My Car (1994-1999)
Interlude In Constantinople (1999)
Like A Rolling Stone (1998)
London Town C'mon Down (1998-1999)
Loneliness (1994-1995)
Man On Fire (1994-1995)
Nazis 1994 (1994-1995)
No More Fun (1998-1999)
Old Friends (1994-1995)
People On Streets (1998-1999)
Pressure On (1998-1999)
Radio Ga Ga (1994-1999)
Revelations (1994-1995)
Ride The Wild Wind (1994-1995)
Rock And Roll (1999)
She's Rich (1998)
Soul (See You In Hull) (1994-1995)
Strange Frontier (1998-1999)
Surrender (1998-1999)
Tenement Funster (1994-1999)
The Key (1994-1995)
The Show Must Go On (1994-1995)
These Are The Days Of Our Lives (1994-1999)
Tonight (1998-1999)
Touch The Sky (1994-1995)
Twist And Shout (1994-1995)
Under Pressure (1999)
Voodoo Chile (1994-1995)
We Will Rock You (1994-1999)
'You Had To Be There' (1994-1995)
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