The Golden Boy... dunno if it's been commented b4

Talk about their solo projects!

The Golden Boy... dunno if it's been commented b4

Postby Sebastian » Fri Mar 26, 2010 8:19 am

I've just noticed that ALL of the Golden Boy singers were individually great, and most of them enjoy amazing careers now. Sort of a blessing:

Madeline Bell: She'd already had a big carrer long before that song.
Debbie Bishop: If she's the ginger alto I know of, then I think everything was quite all right for her since. Not a famous singer but a very good one.
Lance Ellington: Son of legendary Ray Ellington, and a truly amazing solo singer.
Miriam Stockley: Well... you know the story.
Peter Straker: Not too famous since, but had enjoyed some success before.
Mark Williamson: After 'Barcelona', he sang on Mike Oldfield's album, and hats off to his voice - amazing!
Carol Woods: Let It Be at the grammys... need I say more?

So, Freddie did know how to pick them: pure top-notch high-class artists rather than losers from some marketed television programme.
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