Siobhan Magnus, Roger Ransom, Roger Taylor "Laugh Or Cry"

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Siobhan Magnus, Roger Ransom, Roger Taylor "Laugh Or Cry"

Postby WKMahler » Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:47 pm

I can't claim to have all the answers
I've been bits and pieces today
As many strangers to friends to strangers again
I, we've helped build and destroy with no delay
I turned around and I witnessed your smiling face in the rain
Heading my direction, I could feel joy and pain
At least by spirit of the written word, you heard someones voice
So please forgive me for writing, I made my own choice
Instead I could've stepped outside, into the Fort Worth city streets
But I kept a chillin' here at this table, few words I did speak.
Out of my mouth, a few words, answers to questions I did give
A thousand words or more for hours, inside this head, back and forth
South and north, east and west, by spirit, to voice and back again
Somebody tell me, I'm okay, have I made the correct choice
Sleep happily, dance with dreams of your time to come
Knowing you slept soundly, was and is worth the rain and sun
Skinnier I am now, but larger I am
For the beginnings of the meek have made me the man again
Toys have an adventure, a signifigance of our race
Surely, you are more than a girl, more than a boy
Someday soon, you both will face
Another lie, another truth, another life under your roof
For now, as I wonder, where I might choose to rest my head
I know there is a car in this windy night ahead
And a blanket, a seat for a bed
I could be a billionare, or a penniless man
But at least I know I'm not homeless
Everytime I experience life with you again
My friend, my friend, on me you can depend
My friend, my friend, on me you can depend
The life of me, the life of you, the life of your child
Memory of intentional forgetting, I remembered once again
I'll bring a cello and some chili
Imaginary at best
But for the life of your child
I'll take another test
For my life is worth nothing
Until I know I've helped someone
Perhaps a stranger and or you again
True we are all connected
Yet my hands belong in yours
Forgive me for the sins of my brother
And those I shall make
For your life was taken without mercy
And you still exist
Smile, stay there, inner happiness, please
Release the tempted soul
For just a little while, I might have self control
Certainly, everyone lives intergrated
As the guitar moves the hands of the man
Now, go eat your cereal out of our bowl
Both you and I are equally, souls

...I think that's what Roger Ransom was talking about way back.
-William K. Mahler Monday, March 1, 2010


This ain't no tragedy
This ain't no addiction
This ain't no comedy
This ain't no fiction
But baby you make me laugh
And baby you make me cry
I don't mind either way
Now I don't care why
You just gotta laugh -- or cry
Right till. The day
you die........
Just open up your heart
Or open up your eyes
Laugh or cry
So anytime you wanna laugh
Anytime you wanna cry
Just open up your heart
Or open up your eyes
And baby laugh -- or cry
And baby I know
That you'll thank me someday
(Don't hide your emotions)
And baby I know
That you'll see it my way
(Forget all of these notions)
So anytime you wanna laugh
Anytime you wanna cry
Just open up your heart
Or open up your eyes
And baby laugh -- or cry
Right till the day you die

(Long story, so I'll be brief.) My mom thought Roger Ransom died before this photo was snapped August 31, 2001, in fact she told me that days ago. My father, thought he died recently. The moral to all that. Forever alive, spiritually. Roger always reminded me of Roger Taylor of Queen. "Laugh Or Cry" from "Fun In Space". try it sometime! Luv, William K. Mahler

W. K. Mahler
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