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    To commemorate the 40th anniversary of QUEEN, I have designed the t-shirt to be 'glam' and bold as QUEEN is, yet subtle enough for everyday wear and simple enough to be effectively mass produced. The t-shirt is black and white, the sleeves are checker patterned which makes a bold, 'glam', and regal statement. Its my vision that the checker pattern be sewn together rather than printed, this will enhance the regal quality and add dimension. The main feature of the t-shirt is the QUEEN 40th anniversary logo, rising above the logo are the band members. I envision the logo and the image of the band members printed on the t-shirt.

    VOTING BEGINGS APRIL 20, 2011 in the meantime follow the link ... 0e95da/180 and click 'Support Denton' then click 'Connect to Facebook' then click 'Allow' this will send you an update when voting begins. Don't worry there is no signing up, your support and vote will register using your Facebook profile.

    Note: for some reason the image doesn't appear on the site so the above image is what it is. A higher resolution can be seen here the image can also be seen here on my facebook ... .759950933


    Remember follow the link ... 0e95da/180
    then Click 'SUPPORT DENTON'
    then Click 'CONNECT TO FACEBOOK'
    then Click 'ALLOW'
    and your done. You'll get a reminder on April 20,2011 when voting commence.

    Thanks for all your support, together we can make this happen!
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    Fri Mar 18, 2011 5:01 pm
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