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5ive and Queen CD, A Kind Of Magic - A, A Kind Of Magic - B, A Winter's Tale - Jukebox, A Winter's Tale CD1, A Winter's Tale CD2, ADATR - CD - Japanese rem..., ANATO - CD - Japanese rem..., Another One Bites - A, Another One Bites - B, Another One Bites - UA, Another One Bites - UB, Back Chat - A, Back Chat - B, Bicycle Race - A, Bicycle Race - B, Bo Rhap - A, Bo Rhap - A1, Bo Rhap - A2, Bo Rhap - B2, Bo Rhap - JA, Bo Rhap - JB, Bo Rhap-DOOL - A, Bo Rhap-DOOL - B, Bo Rhap-DOOL CD, Body Language - A, Body Language - B, Breakthru - A, Breakthru - B, Breakthru - US, Breakthru CD, Breakthru US promo CD, Calling All Girls - A, Calling All Girls - B, Crazy Little Thing - A, Crazy Little Thing - B, Crazy Little Thing - UA, Crazy Little Thing - UB, Don't Stop Me Now - A, Don't Stop Me Now - B, Don't Stop Me Now - JA, Don't Stop Me Now - JB, Don't Stop Me Now - UA, Don't Stop Me Now - UB, Don't Stop Me Now CD, Five Live - A, Five Live - B, Five Live - Jukebox A, Five Live - Jukebox B, Five Live CD 1, Five Live CD 2, Flash - A, Flash - B, Friends Will Be Friends - A, Friends Will Be Friends - B, Good Old Fashioned Loverb..., Good Old Fashioned Loverb..., Hammer To Fall - A, Hammer To Fall - B, Headlong - A, Headlong - B, Headlong CD, Headlong Jap CD, Headlong US promo CD, Heaven For Everyone - Juk..., Heaven For Everyone - US ..., Heaven For Everyone CD1, Heaven For Everyone CD2, I Want It All - A, I Want It All - B, I Want It All CD, I Want To Break Free - A, I Want To Break Free - B, image, Innuendo - A, Innuendo - B, Innuendo CD, Invisible Man - A, Invisible Man - B, Invisible Man CD, It's A Hard Life - A, It's A Hard Life - B, It's Late - A, It's Late - B, I'm Going Slightly Mad - A, I'm Going Slightly Mad - B, I'm Going Slightly Mad CD, Jazz - CD - Japanese rema..., Jealousy - A, Jealousy - B, Keep Yourself Alive - A, Keep Yourself Alive - B, Keep Yourself Alive US pr..., Killer Queen - A, Killer Queen - B, Killer Queen-Liar - A, Killer Queen-Liar - B, Las Palabras - A, Las Palabras - B, Let Me Live - CD 1, Let Me Live - CD 2, Let Me Live - Promo CD, Long Away - A, Long Away - B, Love Of My Life - A, Love Of My Life - B, Need Your Loving Tonight - A, Need Your Loving Tonight - B, News Of The World - CD - ..., NoOne But You CD, NoOne But You Promo 2 CD, NoOne But You Promo CD 1, Now I'm Here - A, Now I'm Here - B, One Vision - A, One Vision - B, Play The Game - A1, Play The Game - A2, Play The Game - B1, Play The Game - B2, Princes Of The Universe CD, Queen - CD - Japanese rem..., Queen and Vanguard Euro CD 1, Queen and Vanguard UK CD, Queen II - CD - Japanese ..., Radio Ga-Ga - A, Radio Ga-Ga - B, Save Me - A, Save Me - B, Scandal - A, Scandal - B, Scandal - Oz A, Scandal - Oz B, Scandal CD, Scandal US promo CD, Seven Seas Of Rhye - A, Seven Seas Of Rhye - B, Sheer Heart Attack - CD -..., Somebody To Love - A, Somebody To Love - B1, Spread Your Wings - A, Spread Your Wings - B, Stone Cold Crazy CD, Teo Torriatte - A, Teo Torriatte B, Thank God - A, Thank God - B1, Thank God - B2, The Game - CD - Japanese ..., The Miracle - A, The Miracle - B, The Miracle CD, The Show Must Go On - A, The Show Must Go On - B, The Show Must Go On CD 1, The Show Must Go On CD 2, Tie Your Mother Down - A, Tie Your Mother Down - B, Tie Your Mother Down - JA, Tie Your Mother Down - JB, Too Much Love - Jukebox, Too Much Love CD, Under Pressure - A, Under Pressure - B, Under Pressure RAH CD promo, Under Pressure RAH CD sin..., Under Pressure RAH CD sin..., We Are The Champions - A, We Are The Champions - B, We Are The Champions - EA, We Are The Champions - EB, We Will Rock You - Sun CD 4, Who Wants To Live Forever..., Who Wants To Live Forever..., Who Wants To Live Forever CD, WWRY - Hollywood basics CD, WWRY - Hollywood Ruined CD, WWRY Live CD, Wyclef and Queen CD 1, Wyclef and Queen CD 2, You Don't Fool Me - Euro CD, You Don't Fool Me - UK CD, You're My Best Friend - A, You're My Best Friend - B