Modernising the Queen timeline

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Modernising the Queen timeline

Postby devogue » Mon May 14, 2018 9:09 pm

I was just thinking yesterday that I am rapidly approaching the age of 45, and I can now fully realise just how young Freddie was when he passed away (I was 17 in 1991). Sometimes it’s difficult for me to imagine how extraordinary Queen’s achievements were because as a child of the 70s the period from around 1973 to 1991 seems fantastically long, but when I imagined and transposed Queen’s timeline up to Freddie’s death ending in 2018 rather than 1991 I get a real appreciation of how incredible they were, how much they evolved and achieved, and just how bland and unexciting today’s music world is:

1973 - Freddie Mercury born
1974 - Brian May born
1976 - Roger Taylor born
1978 - John Deacon born

1991 - Freddie arrives in England
1995 - Brian advertises for Mitch Mitchell/Ginger Baker type drummer. Smile formed
1997 - Queen formed
2000 - Queen released
2001 - Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack released
2002 - A Night at the Opera, Bohemian Rhapsody released
2003 - A Day at the Races; Hyde Park concert
2004 - News of the World
2005 - Jazz
2006 - Live Killers
2007 - The Game/ Flash
2008 - Greatest Hits
2009 - Hot Space
2011 - The Works
2012 - Live Aid
2013 - A Kind of Magic; Knebworth
2016 - The Miracle
2018 - Innuendo

It’s just a complete blizzard of brilliance. Puts Coldplay in to perspective, eh? ;-)
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Re: Modernising the Queen timeline

Postby SmoledMan » Wed May 16, 2018 8:04 pm

Queen are inextricably tied to the times in which they grew up and became a band. Honestly I feel that while I wouldn't want to live in those times(inferior medical care, no internet), it was more colorful and organic. I feel ever since the internet became a thing(mid 1990s) the world has become one homogeneous blob of boring. Freddie was too good for this world.
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