WWRY Saturday Matinee review 03/07/10

All about the phenomenal stage show based on the music of Queen.

WWRY Saturday Matinee review 03/07/10

Postby J Starbuck88 » Mon Jul 05, 2010 4:14 pm

Hey there all just time for a quick review from me from what is still the greatest rock show in town!

Ok business as usual

Covers on were Ross Hunter as Galileo, Amanda Coutts as Scaramouche and Jenna De Waal as Meat

This was such an incredible show yet again and despite being away for 2 years (besides seeing it in Birmingham on the tour last year) it was so nice to go back to the Dominion and see it again after so long

Gary as Pop was the weirdest I've ever seen the role played with the gravely voice but it was also the funniest portrayal I'd seen since Jeff a few years back

Ross as Galileo well all I can say is he was absolutely incredible! considering he's so young he had such a professional outlook in the role and his vocals are so incredible and powerful definetely worthy of the principal role

Amanda as Scaramouche was just absolutely hilarious definetely reminded me a little of Hannah Jane Fox and with a stunning voice to match, look forward to seeing how she does on the tour next year

Ian as Brit was great as well and the Kung Fu was just as hilarious as when Colin used to do it a few years back

Jenna as Meat was really good and No one but you was as emotional as ever but the cockney accent put me off a little as I've been so used to Meat being scottish all this time

Brenda as the new Killer Queen was brilliant! and actually played the role better then she ever did on the tour however there were a couple of moments where the band drowned her out (however this might have just been from where I was sitting)

Alex as Khassogi well I've already said how great he is in the role and in my opinion is the best Khassogi out of all the other actors that have played the role

On a whole this was just absolutely fantastic! and it was so good to be back again after so long despite a terrible audience

Band was lead by Stuart

Audience was the worst I've been in you really felt like screaming come on people it's a rock show! so they get a 1/10

That's your lot from me till next month (I hope)

Enjoy all
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