Artists you can't stand.

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Re: Artists you can't stand.

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Mona Lisa wrote: Thu Sep 03, 2020 8:15 pm Phil Collins........
I don't like Phil Collins the solo artist but his first two albums of singing lead with Genesis after Peter Gabriel left are pretty good. I don't have a list of my favorite albums because the list is constantly shifting but "A Trick Of The Tail" would probably be a top 20 and higher than any Genesis album with Peter Gabriel.

Question; how many albums by the same artist can you include on a 'best album list'? I've seen people make lists and have four Led Zep albums in the top 10. I suppose it's an individual choice but I think there needs to be some balance.

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Re: Artists you can't stand.

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Adam Lambert.

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Re: Artists you can't stand.

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With the remaining active members of the band Queen he makes a pretty decent job!
I can't stand much of his solo work though.....
But his last album is much better. I quite like it.
And Ghost town is actually great as well.

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