Do you believe in premonition?

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Do you believe in premonition?

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Personnally, I don't believe. But strange things happen, though!
Yesterday night, I listened to the Q+AL concert and then went to sleep.
I had a lot of dreams at night, nothing to do with Queen.
The morning, I had the song of Brian May and Kerry Ellis "Story of a heart" in my head.... Yes I love the song, but I was wondering, how did it appear in my head when I woke up? I didn't listen to it since weeks.
And then, in the afternoon, I notice there is a new song by Roger, Isolation.
Compare the beginning of each song......

In early 2014, I was living in Germany, and didn't come back to my family in Belgium since 5 months.
My grandparents were getting old, and mostly for them, I wished to come back, but because of work and money, I didn't go.
Then, Germany won the winter games (february 2014) if I recall correctly, and I could have a free train ticket thanks to that.
I had 3 days free, I decided to go.
I went there, my grandparents were fine, I slept at their home. The next day, we said goodbye, I came back to Germany.
The day after, my grandfather (who was still healthy) suddenly had a stroke, fell in coma and 3 days later, died.
I thought..... thanks Lord, thanks premonition, thanks whatever.... but thanks we could see each other.

I don't have other examples in mind...
I still don't believe in it though.
But funny, lucky (or unlucky!) things happen.

Still magic, that I was dreaming of that particular song, and Roger puts a track with the exact same style of introduction...

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