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Re: Goodbye

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Have lurked here for years and read the posts of FD for just as long.

All I have to say is what an ego maniac.

Didnt realise that the forums are an airport where you have to announce your departure?

Lets have a countdown to see how long it is until he comes back and does it with a flourish and hides behind a surreptitious and totally disingenous reason................

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Re: Goodbye

Post by Dali »

Jobe wrote: Fri May 21, 2021 2:14 pm All I have to say is what an ego maniac.
Egomaniac is one word.

And don't you call him that! He may be an egomaniac, he may be the biggest egomaniac to ever go online, but he's OUR egomaniac! And we love him! :D

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Re: Goodbye

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Various things happen in various people's lives, that can affect their priorities in life. fd is no exception, he's spent years here being part of the community, and was well known for being here. So, he's gone and got himself a life? Good on him.

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