Sad Time In Modern Journalism History

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Sad Time In Modern Journalism History

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Sad time in US journalism history.

The once fair and balanced Fox News network has fallen from grace. Once entertaining and informing with Shepard Smith now Fox News is a laughing stock of broadcast news.

Every show airs in some minor difference the exact same story scrutinized to the finest ridiculous detail and to make matters worse, it is truly in favor of the worst president since Nixon, becoming Trumps dog.

Fox,News you deserved to be removed from DISH Network and you will eventually pay a heavy price for constantly supporting a man unfit to be president, your blind devotion to Trump sickens me and even worse, convinces unsuspecting honest Americans that Trump is good for this country, all in the name of money and ratings.

Good riddance


There is a good honest reason why I managed to include CNN in a song of mine known as "Rip It" created and recorded first time anywhere and with a live audience,

I turned on CNN ... 740-rip-it

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