Commentary of Bruce Springsteen "Letter To You"

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Commentary of Bruce Springsteen "Letter To You"

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Bruce Springsteen "Letter To You" (A Real Letdown).

'Letter To You" has it's positive moments, but only in three songs, the opening track, "One Moment Your Here", "Rainmaker" & the revamped rerecorded "If I Was The Priest". If you listen closely there is one song that starts and sounds identical to "Incident On 57th Street" from 1974, why did Bruce sample his own music? "House Of A Thousand Guitars" is the weakest track on "Letter To You" having one or two guitars and mainly features piano and keyboards while Bruce rambles about the title over and over again, it simply does not have the merit of being called "House Of A Thousand Guitars" when it certainly has less than three guitars mainly in the background. How does Warren Zevon estate feel about Bruce using Zevon's own ideas for "Janey Needs A Shooter"? The title alone is almost identical to Zevon's rendition from 40 years ago yet there is no mention of Zevon anywhere in the liner notes to the entire album. Yes, I know and enjoy Bruce and Warrens collaboration on Zevon's zenith and poignant final album, "The Wind" but by Bruce practically plagiarizing Zevon, it's a testament to Bruce's ego and his overall forgetfulness as to who really came up with that song first and it was Zevon, clearly not Bruce. "See You In My Dreams" leaves me wondering if Bruce is hanging up his music and moving on if anything at all, admitting he hasn't' come up with anything truly profound since "Devils & Dust" almost 15 years ago and I am not forgetting his last great E Street effort, the magical "Magic". I could go on but Bruce let me down with a subpar effort in "Letter To You" and to say anything good to close this, at least its not as bad as his worst song "Belly Of The Whale" William Mahler, fan since 1983

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