Books That Scare You

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Books That Scare You

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I personally was in bed NC17 with Janet Morris, aunt of my then girlfriend and future wife when Janet & I one month before the August 23, 1984 public release of this book was launched. We discussed this book in it's entirety. I do hope you can believe, that same summer, Janet, Chris her husband and I as Thomas Baines authored "Weapons Of Mass Protection" an unclassified document detailing non-lethal technologies for air power in the age of chaos. President George W. Bush gave zero word of warning when "Weapons of Mass Protection" became universally known as "Weapons of Mass Destruction". Unlike my quiet offline life after that, online, for starters after Bush's announcement, my inbox was consistently flooded for several weeks with dozens of inquiries worldwide directed at the three of us. Believe you this, if you will, the University of Arizona for several weeks prior to 09/11/01 were visiting our websites and at the university were the two leaders of the 9/11/01 hijackers. Consistently leading up to 9/11/01 as a result of the August 23, 1984 release of that book, the CIA was in the otherwise drug dealing porn making lives of Janet & Chris Morris. By 1989 former deputy director of the CIA Ray S. Cline took Janet & Chris under his wing til 1994 as Janet & Chris took myself under theirs yet again since early 1970's this time as a lead up to the internet.

The 40 Minute War single handedly puts in motion exactly why the 20th hijacker and sole pilot of the aborted DC mission Jet did walk away, no as planned nuclear weapons, as you will find, in the book, the usage thereof. Both Janet And Christopher Morris reside on Cape Cod as does my ex wife Leonda Emmerich, all three are within Facebook. has many a passage from and sells for $29 delivered anywhere USA.

Scares me to this day to think, in fact it makes me shudder.

Not funny.


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