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What I believed ASCAP to be doing for me since 2003 was actually collecting $$$.

Actually watching what I have no power over, how my music gets from point A to B to C to D. 7.5 billion people on Earth circa fall 2016 and with less than 10 downloads of "Words Called Love" known to happen from now defunct Mahlers.Com back in summer 2004 and with less than 10 streams of "Words Called Love" via ReverbNation and, I say again, 7.5 billion people, there I was performing four seconds of the piano intro, nothing else and a complete stranger in plain view of me yells out "Words Called Love" How that happen and where's ASCAP?

"Regardless" another song recorded and released for 3 months summer 2004 and approx. 1 1/2 years later 1000 miles from my home and studio, at a bus station I performed only less than 5 seconds of the intro, all harmonica nothing else and two people both told me the title "Regardless"

Where's ASCAP.

Bruce Springsteen samples my song "Freedom" released to his newsgroup in GoogleGroups.Com on 9/19/01 as well as soc.culture.usa and and in 2005 Bruce releases a very twin copy of my harmonica solo in his grammy nominated "Devils & Dust" No credit to me whatsoever and ASCAP refused to do anything at all. IMHO, I am a well placed mini nuke when it comes to attention it seems.

Should I leave ASCAP?


ASCAP flat out told me ASCAP doesn't do anything with the best indie company on the net, ReverbNation and I'm not leaving Reverb but it appears BMI does.

How say you?

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