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Postby slightlymad1970 » Fri Jan 27, 2017 7:55 pm

Sir Didymus wrote:I've been championing this one for quite some time now. The last I heard was that Rhys Thomas in particular was working on persuading the powers that be it would be a good idea. Which, in fairness, is the only reason we got the dvds in the first place.

I think The Beatles, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson releases in recent years have put everything into one. And tbh, that's the way I'd go with this... but perhaps with a proviso: Release a cheaper 'best of' version for Joe Public, and an 'everything and the kitchen sink' version for the die hards.

Sir Didy if you were running for PM you'd get my vote!!! I've often read your opinion and research on this subject and have agreed 100% with everything you've said, If Rhys is working on this in the background he couldn't go far wrong than getting you involved.

The recent discovery of behind the scene footage from Princes Of The Universe is exactly the sort of bonus material die hard fans would love to see on a deluxe version.

I've asked this before but to no avail, do Queen have access to all the DoRo footage? I personally think they haven't as not too much has surfaced from there archive were as David Mallet's video's seem to be used a lot, ala GaGa, IWIA etc. I wonder if one of the reasons nothing like this has been released is because they can't get full access to the DoRo archives, tbh they must have hours and hours of footage no one has ever seen. Can anyone confirm or deny if QPL have full access to the DoRo archives?
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Re: Queen Greatest Video Hits

Postby Sir Didymus » Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:50 pm

The last time this came up was in October... here's what I believe to be the known available footage - please do correct me if I've missed anything out!

Sir Didymus wrote:I pulled this list together last time we discussed it. But here we go...

There's absolutely tons of material available for the picking. Just based entirely on what we KNOW about here, and this is off the top of my head so I'm bound to be missing something major out...

* Keep Yourself Alive [First Video]
* Keep Yourself Alive [Second Video]
* Liar [First Video]
* Liar [Second Video]
+ Out-takes from the above.

Queen II
* Seven Seas of Rhye [First TOTP appearance]
* Seven Seas of Rhye [Second TOTP appearance]
* Seven Seas Of Rhye [Promo Video - as seen here]

Sheer Heart Attack
* Killer Queen [First TOTP appearance - take one]
* Killer Queen [First TOTP appearance - take two]
* Killer Queen [Second TOTP appearance]
* Killer Queen [Dutch TV appearance]
* Now I'm Here [TOTP appearance]
* Sheer Heart Attack [2011 Video Competition Winner]

A Night At The Opera
* Bohemian Rhapsody
* Bohemian Rhapsody [Flames Version]
* Bohemian Rhapsody [Wayne's World Version]
* You're My Best Friend
+ Videos from 30th anniversary edition?

A Day At The Races
* Somebody To Love
* Somebody To Love [Alternate Takes]
* Somebody To Love [TOTP Pan's People] {may not exist?
* Tie Your Mother Down
* Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy [TOTP appearance]
* Teo Torriate (Let Us Cling Together) [2005 Video] HD Possible

News Of The World
* We Are The Champions
* We Are The Champions [Alternate Take]
* Spread Your Wings
* We Will Rock You
* We Will Rock You [Alternate Take]

* Fat Bottomed Girls
* Bicycle Race Semi-HD Possible
* Bicycle Race [Greatest Flix Collage]
* Don't Stop Me Now HD Possible

Live Killers
* Love Of My Life
* We Will Rock You (Fast)

The Game
* Crazy Little Thing Called Love
* Save Me HD Possible
* Play The Game
* Another One Bites The Dust HD Possible
+ Out-takes from CLTCL

Flash era
* Flash Semi-HD Possible

Hot Space
* Under Pressure HD Possible
* Under Pressure [Banned Version] HD Possible
* Body Language HD Possible
* Body Language [Censored 'Arrows' Version] HD Possible
* Las Palabras de Amor (The Words of Love) [TOTP performance]
* Back Chat
* Calling All Girls

The Works era
* Radio Ga Ga Semi-HD Possible
* I Want To Break Free
* It's A Hard Life
* Hammer To Fall HD Possible
* Let Me In Your Heart Again HD Possible
* Let Me In Your Heart Again (William Orbit Remix) HD Possible
+ Outtakes from videos

A Kind Of Magic
* One Vision HD Possible
* Extended Vision HD Possible
* A Kind Of Magic
* Princes Of The Universe Semi-HD Possible
* Friends Will Be Friends
* Who Wants To Live Forever HD Possible
* Who Wants To Live Forever [Highlander Version] HD Possible
+ Outtakes from videos

The Miracle
* I Want It All HD Possible
* Breakthru HD Possible
* The Invisible Man
* Scandal HD Possible
* The Miracle
+ Outtakes from videos

* Innuendo HD Possible
* Innuendo [Further Conflict version] HD Possible
* Innuendo [Sepia version] HD Possible
* Innuendo [Alternate version] HD Possible
* Innuendo [Alternate version 2] HD Possible
* Headlong
* I'm Going Slightly Mad
* These Are The Days Of Our Lives
* These Are The Days Of Our Lives [Alternate Ending]
* These Are The Days Of Our Lives [Animated Version] Semi-HD Possible
* The Show Must Go On
* The Show Must Go On [Alternate Version]
+ Outtakes from videos

Tribute Concert
* Somebody to Love (Live) with George Michael
+ option to include extra performances

Made In Heaven
* Heaven For Everyone [A Trip To The Moon version] Semi-HD Possible
* Heaven For Everyone [Evolution version] HD Possible
* A Winter's Tale
* A Winter's Tale [Lyrics version]
* A Winter's Tale [Outside-In version] HD Possible
* Too Much Love Will Kill You [Collage version]
* Too Much Love Will Kill You [Heart-Ache version] HD Possible
* Let Me Live [Return Trip] HD Possible
* You Don't Fool Me HD Possible
* You Don't Fool Me [Censored version] HD Possible
* You Don't Fool Me [Dancing Divaz version] HD Possible
* I Was Born To Love You HD Possible
* I Was Born To Love You [2004 Video] Semi-HD Possible
* My Life Has Been Saved [O] HD Possible
* Mother Love HD Possible

Later Years
* No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young) HD Possible
* No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young) [Alternate Version] HD Possible
* Another One Bites The Dust '98 with Wyclef Jean HD Possible
* Under Pressure (Rah Mix) with David Bowie
* We Will Rock You with Five
* Flash (Vanguard Mix) with Vanguard
* Another One Bites The Dust with Miami Project HD Possible
+ making of NOBY and possibly others

Queen + Paul Rodgers era
* Say It's Not True HD Possible
* C-Lebrity (Live on Al Murray's show) HD Possible

Post Q+PR
* Bohemian Rhapsody with The Muppets HD Possible

Queen + Adam Lambert era
Not a fucking clue, sorry. Can someone who actually likes this collaboration help out, here?

There's the videos made for Queen Rocks, but I suspect these are all edited on SD video, and would need to be recreated from scratch. Is there a market for them? Probably not, but the tracks that don't have alternative videos might be popular.

From that, I hypothesise that you'd want to make two sets... a standard, public-facing set at a reasonable price, and a superduper deluxe edition that'd no doubt cost a fortune, but would appease the diehards.

If, then, I may be so bold...

ONE VISION: GREATEST VIDEO HITS [Standard edition dvd/blu-ray/download]

01. We Will Rock You
02. Bohemian Rhapsody
03. A Kind of Magic
04. Killer Queen [Top of the Pops - 1st appearance]
05. Radio Ga Ga
06. Another One Bites the Dust
07. You're My Best Friend
08. I Want It All
09. Somebody to Love
10. The Miracle
11. I Want to Break Free
12. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
13. Innuendo
14. Who Wants to Live Forever
15. Under Pressure
16. Breakthru
17. Fat Bottomed Girls
18. Princes of the Universe
19. Seven Seas of Rhye [Top of the Pops hybrid video]
20. Bicycle Race
21. Headlong
22. One Vision
23. Heaven for Everyone
24. The Invisible Man
25. Save Me
26. I'm Going Slightly Mad
27. Flash
28. Hammer to Fall
29. Don't Stop Me Now
30. These Are The Days Of Our Lives
31. We Are the Champions
32. The Show Must Go On

The problem with compiling a big super deluxe version, though, is in making it clear exactly which bits go where.

If you make something purely chronological but also comprehensive, you run the risk of having four or five versions of the same song one after the other, and that stops being entertaining. And then there are songs that had videos made decades after release... do they go in song release order, or video release order?

Lots to decide. I'd be tempted to go for one version of each song on the 'main discs' and relegate the rest to bonus discs myself...
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