Other bands that are like Queen.

Serious discussion about the band known as QUEEN.

Re: Other bands that are like Queen.

Postby The__KingOfRhye » Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:00 am

In the tradition of all-female tribute bands like AC/DShe and Lez Zep, there should be an all-female Queen tribute band....called "King" of course....

I've seen Lez Zep, by the way, excuse me, Lez Zeppelin, on YouTube, they do a good job!
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Re: Other bands that are like Queen.

Postby Capt. Den Ronson » Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:00 pm

bigV wrote:Queen are different. In 15 albums and as many solo albums, they have tried every conceivable style of music

Not even close but lots of sub-genres of rock/pop music that had different flavours.

bigV wrote:- from opera and jazz, to heavy metal, rap and samba; from classic blues-rock to conceptual space rock; they were a glam rock band, a punk rock band and an 80s pop group. They really could and did do it all.

Again, they didn't do it all and they weren't always good at the stuff they tackled.

bigV wrote:Look at The Works - all the different styles they put into a single album. I defy anyone to tell me the name of any
group that could put out an album like that and not disappoint their fans, and moreover - that album gave the band a number of hit songs.

Not that many different styles over 9 tracks. As for the album itself, it's not even regarded as one of their best among the hardcore fan-base or a wider audience. In fact you could argue it's one of their weakest efforts.
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Re: Other bands that are like Queen.

Postby Wild/Wind » Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:56 pm

When the Works came out it really worked! It was commercial recordwith some quality and some clever songs. It brought many new fans and until the release of GH 2, it had good back catalogue sales.
It is not Classic album but as commercial pop - rock record is good. If it had some songs more, like man on Fire, Love Kills, I go Crazy it could have been different story... Maybe we could speak for one of their Best 80s output.
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