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Re: Album Review Blog - Queen

Postby sebastian » Mon Oct 30, 2017 4:30 pm

Bumped. I sort of like what I wrote.
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Re: Album Review Blog - Queen

Postby Jimi » Tue Oct 31, 2017 3:33 pm

Capt. Den Ronson wrote:
Graham wrote:
Capt. Den Ronson wrote:Flash Gordon OST is probably in my top 5 Queen albums.

IMO, The Works and The Miracle are the weakest of the lot [I don't include MIH, as it's a compilation - a very bad one]

I think I like The Miracle more than most people; the first two songs are shaky, but otherwise it's pretty solid to my ears. ... /shove-it/

Tennant: Do you mind if we talk about Queen for a moment?

Roger Meddows Taylor: No, not at all.

Tennant: Have you started on a new album yet?

Roger Meddows Taylor: Yeah, we spent the whole of January in the studio and have been recording the first parts of the new album. So far there's twenty two songs and it'll be the best album that Queen have done in ten years, easily.

Tennant: What sort of style?

Roger Meddows Taylor: It's more back to the old style. I mean it's almost like echoes of Led Zeppelin and everything in there. It's great and it's all live in the studio, which is great. It gives it more spark and energy I think. No machines!

Tennant: Any synths on it?

Roger Meddows Taylor: No, not yet no. So far we haven't time to do over dubs anyway, so there's little synthesizer on it actually. It's basically bass, guitar and drums with some piano.

Tennant: When are people going to see that in the shops then?

Roger Meddows Taylor: Not before the end of the year, later on in the year definitely.


That is very funny actually. Queen- The pantomime Led Zeppelin
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Re: Album Review Blog - Queen

Postby Capt. Den Ronson » Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:58 pm

sebastian wrote:Bumped. I sort of like what I wrote.

Yes, I liked about 62% of it but then it ran out of steam. A bit like Seb Coe doing an 18 hour sprint in flip flops and betting on him getting to the end before he gets sore feet and puts his £100,000 Nike trainers on.
Capt. Den Ronson
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