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Queen collecting

PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:11 pm
by Tigerlee
I collect queen and solo project vinyl singles and lp's... I do have certain cds but cds have never meant the same to me as the sleeve,inner sleeve and lyric sheets and the actual piece of vinyl you handle.i think it's fair to say that queens'back catalogue of 7" singles particularly have been released in stunning sleeves over the years and yet the quality of sleeves from say Brazil are much better than Germany for example and therefore wear very well.with my 7" vinyl collection I go one further and separate the vinyl away from the sleeve and insert the vinyl into a white plain card sleeve and then put this together with the sleeve into a separate pvc sleeve... that way the sleeve cannot deteriorate and take on the imperfections that occur when the vinyl is pressed up against the sleeve in storage.
I lastly label each release with the tracks on either side and catalogue I the only "anorak" out there who takes that much care over his vinyl collection? :-D