Official YouTube videos - Feedback / corrections

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Official YouTube videos - Feedback / corrections

Postby TheHero » Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:00 pm

It happens now and then, when I watch a random Queen video, that the uploaded sound quality of that video is worse than average. And other times I discover mistakes in the lyrics.

Have you experienced the same thing ?

I then instantly feel the need to inform the people responsible for the youtube channel videos, so that they can correct it. This is because I think the Queen videos deserve to be presented as good as possible.

Therefore I started this thread, and hopefully someone higher in the system will take notice and make improvements ?

First out:

You Don't Fool Me - Official video:

phpBB [video]

The sound quality uploaded is really poor on this one.. and it is a shame, because in reality this song has oustanding sound.

For comparing, an unofficial upload, way better sound:

phpBB [video]

Please share a video here that you think must be corrected/improved.
Don't Stop Me Now
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