The QUEEN and Paul Rodgers connection no one has mentioned!

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The QUEEN and Paul Rodgers connection no one has mentioned!

Postby AlexKx » Wed Jul 12, 2017 7:30 am

There is a QUEEN and Paul Rodgers connection no has mentioned in my opinion so here it is! Mick Ralph is his name! Mick Ralph was perhaps most famous being from the recording, live performing, and touring group Bad Company with Paul Rodgers BUT he was also the lead guitarist for Mott The Hoople!!! Ironically, whilst there is that connection with QUEEN in that since, the last studio l.p. and tour that Mott The Hoople did (which was in 1974) had a different guitarist as Mick Ralph had gone to join Bad Company at that point! Totally wicked wild, huh?! :D

There are a few others as well! One of those being the recording group Brian May was in with Paul Rodgers, some other folks, AND Charlie Watts from The Rolling Stones(!) called Rock Therapy! They did a charity single in 1996! So there was that connection already there as well as a live song Brian performed with on Paul Rodgers and Friends' "Live In Montreaux!" and a studio track on Paul Rodgers' l.p. "Muddy Water Blues: A Tribute To Muddy Waters"!

So the coming together of QUEEN and Paul Rodgers was NOT so absurd after all for whoever still wants to argue that it wasn't right. Shoot there was already those bits of history that had already happened in the recent decade before...
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