The "Five Live E.P." was not an e.p.

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The "Five Live E.P." was not an e.p.

Postby AlexKx » Fri Aug 10, 2018 7:31 pm

The "Five Live E.P." was/is not an e.p. It was/is an l.p. One could categorize it more so saying it is a hybrid compilation of live and studio recordings BUT non the less an "Extended Play" it is not. A "Long Play" it is. As soon as a release is one second over the twenty minute mark (and according to Brian May himself!) is no longer an e.p. but an l.p. With a running time of over twenty eight minutes it fully qualifies as an l.p. The amount of songs on it do not matter. The title "Five Live" still works but if there is ever a re-release the "E.P." part of it should be dropped...
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