Brian's Live at the Brixton Academy DVD/BluRay in 2015

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Re: Brian's Live at the Brixton Academy DVD/BluRay in 2015

Postby TheHero » Thu Apr 06, 2017 10:34 pm

No, still no news of a release.

I am wondering if it has got something to do with Since You've Been Gone... because wasn't it a Richie Blackmore song ?

In that case, Ritchie might want to control the rights for the song being released? He left Deep Purple back in the day, and seems to be a very stubborn type of guy. But I am only guessing.. I don' t know why they keep holding it back, making it unavailable for new generations.

In addition all Brian solo albums got removed from Spotify last year, only Kerry Ellis songs available.
Maybe something is going on with the rights.. but I thought his solo albums were produced by his own company, Duck Productions, so why nothing happens, and why the songs are being removed, I have no clue. It is a bit of a mystery, and has been for years. The latest technology version is a VHS. Enjoy a used one from eBay if you can, if you still have a working video cassette player? I guess most people have thrown them away; many, many years ago now.


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Re: Brian's Live at the Brixton Academy DVD/BluRay in 2015

Postby agkelly » Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:55 pm

I was lucky -somehow, somewhere (I genuinely have no recollection where I bought it from!)- to get a copy of it on VHS a number of years ago, and maybe 2yrs ago copied it to dvd myself. I'm glad I did.

I've watched it a few times in those 2yrs and love doing so each time!
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