Let's talk about...meles meles

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Let's talk about...meles meles

Postby Freeyyaa » Sat Jan 14, 2017 4:19 pm

Who wants to...talk about Meles meles--come here.
Who is Meles Meles?
It is a middle-sized beast one calls:
1. Badger (English)
2 Blaireau (m) (French)
3.Dachs (der) (German)
4.Tejon (el) (m) Spanish
5.Melo (Esperanto)
6.Mayra (Finnish)
7.Texugo (m) (Portugal)
8.Brocc (Old English)
9.Graevling (Danish)
10. Tasso (m) (Italian)
11.Grevling (Norwegian bokmal)
12.Gravling (Swedish)
13.Borsuk (Polish)
14.Jezevec lesni (Czech)
15.Viezure (Romanian)
16.Язовецът (Bulgarian)
17.Барсук (m) (Standard Purebred Russian)
Ég er Freeyyaa, forystukona valkirja og norskra skogarkatta.
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