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Re: The Newest News of the New News Thread

Postby musicalprostitute » Thu Feb 15, 2018 12:28 pm

WeeMann wrote:

I'll just say one thing that I've said before. Some people, when receiving a warning (official or friendly) scream it from the rooftops, as they feel that they'll be vindicated if everyone knows about it. Others just quietly move on, so that no-one but that person and the moderators know that anything's ever happened.

Hmmm. I suppose it all depends on why they have been issued a ban warning in the first place - and how the particular moderator dealing with it has addressed them; if a moderator sends me a rude PM without any respect or manners then I shall reply in kind.

Also, if one receives a ban warning for simply giving an opinion which a particular moderator (or moderators) do not agree with then this is hardly fair moderation.

You once told me there was free speech on here and that accusations of racism against me were fine. That same free speech did not apply to myself later on; it is little things like this that cause the troubles on here and prove - that no matter what you state here - you do not moderate fairly.
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