The key is to understand yourself better...

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The key is to understand yourself better...

Postby RynaBelle9*7 » Sat Dec 15, 2018 3:51 pm

I found this incredible website where you can take a test and learn about yourself. It is uber accurate as I learned from personal experience and goes into depth around many arenas of a personality. I am an advocate personality, less than 1% of the world's population share this personality with me, which makes it a blessing and a curse at the same time. I often wondered why people, even my school's dean, have compared me to a saint or mother Teresa, which I never imagined that I was like that. I have my definitive flaws just like anyone and sometimes, in my work and association with others, it pains me for them to not see that. It is serious pressure at times to always be working within the realms of the perfectionist aspect of my personality, at times. I work in special education with children who have severe and profound developmental issues. So many have approached this aspect of me with statements like: "It takes someone very special to do what you do," or "You can't make much money in THAT line of work". It often baffled me to no ends why people would examine me on first impression in this manner. I never understood why some go after the glorious "In GOD we trust" greenbacks when there are so many problems in the world and if they would just engage themselves with a little helpfulness for the sake of others, the world would be more beautiful and peaceful. I, myself, would only go after a large sums of money in the name of philanthropy. So I could just give it all away. It isn't as important to me as helping people and finding deep meaning in what I do. I abhor facades and shallowness, yet, it is very challenging for people to get to know me. Ironic as it may seem. Of course, I can lay it all bare in a place like this because it doesn't matter which makes this site one of my most happy places. It really does take a lot of patience and persistence to get to know me and most people don't have the time which is fine by me because I also cannot stand too much attention. This is also a curse to an extent. Anyhow, here are my results, below. You can also take this test for yourself. If you do, I encourage you to share. I find understanding other personalities very important, personally.
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