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Re: Electronic cigarettes

Postby fairydandy » Sun Mar 10, 2013 12:24 am

Elessar wrote:This is a bit weird:


So what exactly is Noel's point? He's saying there's something wrong with smoking electronic cigarettes. Why is that? I can only really think of two reasons.

1) It is indulging an addiction, and not setting a good example for the children. This is unlikely, as it is at least an attempt to curb an addiction and to make it less dangerous, and presumably he make a point of doing it in public.

2) E-cigarettes are uncool, and by corollary, cigarettes are cool.

No, Noel, they're not cool any more. They cause cancer and COPD and other horrible illnesses. People can smoke if they really want to, that's fine, but it is definitely not cool, and a rockstar trying to convince people that it is is distinctly uncool.

In the same article Gallagher praises David Bowie's new album. Chances are there'd be no new Bowie album if he hadn't reined in the drugs and cigarettes a few decades back.

The other one was clearly always a moron....now I find out that this one is too. :roll:
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