Born Free vs Evicted Indigenous Bushman

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Born Free vs Evicted Indigenous Bushman

Postby funkyrake » Thu Jun 06, 2013 3:23 pm

Trucks arrive to evict Botswana Bushmen despite government denials 5 June 2013
Government trucks arrived last night to evict Bushmen from their ancestral land in southern Botswana, according to reports received by Survival International.

The move to evict the Ranyane Bushmen comes despite an injunction issued by Botswana’s High Court last week preventing the forced removal of some of the Bushmen until the case returns to court on June 18, and despite promises from President Khama’s spokesman Jeff Ramsay last week that ‘The government has no plans to remove those who wish to stay at Ranyane’.

The community has been threatened repeatedly with eviction by local authorities to make way for a ‘wildlife corridor’, a project which was pushed by American organization Conservation International for many years.

The Bushmen were told they were blocking the free movement of animals, and if they refused to leave, government trucks would arrive to remove them and destroy their houses.

But the Bushmen pose no threat to wildlife, alongside which they have lived sustainably for centuries, and many believe the eviction is in fact to benefit local cattle ranchers
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Point really is cattlemen get to stay, indigenous Bushman are evicted.
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