SOPA again: felony for streaming, uploading, youtubes

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Re: SOPA again: felony for streaming, uploading, youtubes

Postby Leigh Burne » Wed Aug 14, 2013 7:29 am

Innuendoes wrote:So what this means is every single youtube video of EVERYTHING has to be pulled down off this website, including from the beloved *cough* Thunder thread. :lol:

That wasn't actually my point at all. I'm all in favour of stuff being on YouTube. As I said, I've bought many great things solely as a result of coming across them on YouTube.

It was just, as Kes said, this guy was screaming about people belittling him, when all Kes had said was there are no official Brian May DVD releases, which is correct. I don't see how that's belittling in any way.
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Re: SOPA again: felony for streaming, uploading, youtubes

Postby Kes » Thu Aug 15, 2013 6:07 am

Thanks Leigh.

I can also see it from JulyMorning's POV. Sometimes when you say something, it either doesn't come out right, or wasn't right in the first place. Sometimes we don't like being wrong. If I'd put ANY sarcasm in there, or anything I said could be misconstrued as being derogatory, I'd possibly understand the reaction a bit better.
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Re: SOPA again: felony for streaming, uploading, youtubes

Postby funkyrake » Thu Aug 15, 2013 3:15 pm

Kes wrote:You then start getting into what the law is, wherever the so-called offence is taking place.

Queenonline, and the servers and the people who run it, are based in England.

YouTube and Google, AFAIK are based in California, so if Obama gets this piece of law through, it'll be up to him and his administration to act on the things that are "going on" in his territories, and not just lauch Tomahawk cruise missile strikes against the countries who might take a while to catch up.

Here is wikipedia's article but as it states in the beginning, it must be updated. Very international in scope.

Here is the text of section 201 which (allegedly) Obama wants to revive

Just know also that we may see a different Obama after midterm elections. He needs to be spanked and
hopefully the American voters will do just that at the midterm polls.
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