Healthy Baby Giraffe killed and fed to the Lions

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Re: Healthy Baby Giraffe killed and fed to the Lions

Postby TheHero » Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:32 pm

You really think they like to rock in space? Well, I don't know. What do you know?
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Re: Healthy Baby Giraffe killed and fed to the Lions

Postby Innuendoes » Sun Feb 16, 2014 6:29 am

And now a word from Captain Paul Watson, from his blog a few days ago...

No Danish Delight Today I See

The reaction of so many Danes to my condemnation of the killing of a young giraffe by the Copenhagen Zoo was as right wing nationalistic as all the defenders of the Duck Dynasty when I criticized them for slaughtering ducks and for being racist homophones. I especially loved all the Danes who said they respected me until now but will do so no longer. The funny thing is they just joined the page yesterday.

Just like the Duck Dynasty fans they set up an organized campaign to attack me on my page here with all sorts of words of condemnation.

It's all very amusing and I am very happy to see that my comments stirred up such reactions. That is what I do best, I say things people do not want to hear. And hopefully provoke people to think.

I love all the comments angrily denying that Denmark kills whales. Whales are killed in the Faeroes and in Greenland and Denmark defends whaling before the International Whaling Commission. The Danish Navy defends the whalers in the Faeroes and provides massive subsidies to both the Faeroes and Greenland but because the whales are not killed directly off the coast of Denmark, many Danes choose to be in denial of the slaughter of whales condoned and supported by the Danish government.

And for those defending the Copenhagen Zoo, say what you will but it was a very bad public relations blunder and the international backlash against the zoo is proof of that, unless you are one of those who maintains that the Copenhagen Zoo is right and millions of people around the world are wrong.

Stranger still were all the Danes telling me that there is no difference between what happened at the zoo and a slaughterhouse. This is partially true but then I did not think of the Copenhagen Zoo as a slaughterhouse so those comment were enlightening. However no slaughterhouse kills and cuts up an animal in front of a group of children. So that is a major difference.

And all the comments that said, "its just a giraffe." Well that sums up such people in their own words for their lack of empathy and sensitivity.

It was also strange to see so many people try to deflect my position by making reference to capital punishment and war in and by America as if they automatically assumed that I am pro-capital punishment and pro-war. Well I guess it makes them feel better to say "we killed a giraffe but your country kills people." The difference is that they are condoning the killing of the giraffe but I do not condone the murder of people."

And for those who say that I ignore such things in America, they obviously have not heard of our campaign to shut down Sea World for their cruelty to Orcas.

But just to sum up why I was so angry over the killing of this giraffe is because the zoo exploited it when it was born and attracted crowds of people and then when it was no longer an attraction a keeper fed it a piece of rye bread as another keeper fired a bolt into its head. It was an act of betrayal and it is unforgivable. The giraffe could have been neutered, it could have found another home and there were other places including a zoo in England willing to take it. Yet the Copenhagen Zoo chose to kill it.

Their excuse that lions eat giraffes in the wild was their justification for feeding the animals to the lions. Yes lions do eat giraffes in the wild but the key word here is "wild". The lions in the Copenhagen Zoo are not living in the wild.

This public tossing of the remains of the giraffe to the lions reminded me of a Roman spectacle as the public gawked at the lions ripping apart the flesh of the giraffe.

It was a lesson for me however, Denmark never struck me as being so nationalistic and I never knew there were so many irate nationalists in the country. I thought it very amusing when one Danish critic ended his comment with "Denmark rules." Hmm just what is it that Denmark rules?

Because the Danes who have been posting on my page seem to be saying that when it comes to lacking empathy we rule.

However I was happy to see comments from many other Danes against the killing of the giraffe.

My posting was motivated by compassion for this innocent animal. It was motivated by my righteous outrage at the Copenhagen Zoo and it does not matter how many angry comments I receive justifying this killing, my heart will never be turned towards supporting such an evil and violent act.

And for those who are angry that I have deleted comments and banned people, well, too bad. This is my page and I have always had zero tolerance to people thinking they can just post whatever hateful comments they like. To accuse me of denying their freedom of speech is ridiculous. They can post their bile on their own pages, but not on mine because I enjoy the freedom to delete them.

This is the second organized assault on my page, first by the supporters of the racist homophobe duck killers and now by supporters of the killers of this young giraffe.

I am happy to be on the side that supports life and opposes cruelty and thus I am happy to endure the slings and arrows of those who advocate for death and cruelty.

My compassion for this young giraffe will not be deterred by the anger of those who supported this cold-blooded betrayal and murder of this sentient being by the craven and callous staff of the Copenhagen Zoo.

If the Zoo thinks they can solve their problems with a lethal bolt to the back of this young animals head they are finding that their problems have just begun and their actions have brought recognition of this behavior to millions and is now focusing the spotlight on all zoos around the world and that I must admit is a good thing.
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Re: Healthy Baby Giraffe killed and fed to the Lions

Postby Innuendoes » Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:22 am


No wonder killing giraffes is ok. No wonder killing anything is ok! ... n-denmark/
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