Never Heard Such Rubbish In My Entire Life

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Never Heard Such Rubbish In My Entire Life

Postby bowmarteacon » Sat Jun 07, 2014 4:26 pm

So this is basically saying that being part of the LGBT community (and of other sexual orientations) is not okay, but a man abusing a woman is. Total bullshit, if you ask me, because abuse is NOT okay, whereas LGBT is a genetic thing, and even worse, this article says that LGBT people are trained to be LGBT. Absolute bullshit, and read the other articles if you want, but be warned, as they might have some offensive words (or non-offensive words used in an offensive way).

As for why I am posting this, I'm actually asexual, and I think that people are entitled to their own opinion no matter what the subject is about, but the amount of hate in the article, just makes me want to gag.
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