Fracking, A Serious Issue

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Re: Fracking, A Serious Issue

Postby 1By1 » Mon Aug 25, 2014 5:31 pm ... ts-n187021

14 minute vid with industry guy and stakeholders. Fracking can never be greenwashed. Only solution is to move away from intense motorized transport and energy use.


Danger Beneath: 'Fracking' Gas, Oil Pipes Threaten Rural Residents
By Lisa Riordan Seville

construction boom of pipelines carrying explosive oil and natural gas from “fracking” fields to market -- pipes that are bigger and more dangerous than their predecessors -– poses a safety threat in rural areas, where they sometimes run within feet or yards of homes with little or no safety oversight, an NBC News investigation has found.

The rapidly expanding network of pipes, known as “gathering lines,” carry oil and gas from fracking fields in many parts of the country to storage facilities and major “transmission lines.” They are subject to the same risks – corrosion, earthquakes, sabotage and construction accidents -- as transmission lines. But unlike those pipelines, about 90 percent of gathering lines do not fall under federal safety or construction regulations because they run through rural areas, the Government Accountability Office reported in 2012.
Safety advocates and regulators have called for new regulations on the pipelines, but energy industry interests have pushed back. Any changes could be years away, if they happen at all, according to an analysis from the Congressional Research Service released early this month.

see url for remaining article
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Re: Fracking, A Serious Issue

Postby Innuendoes » Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:35 am

How do you propose we cut down on energy use?
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Re: Fracking, A Serious Issue

Postby 1By1 » Tue Aug 26, 2014 6:18 pm

Innuendoes wrote:How do you propose we cut down on energy use?

Says it better than anything I can offer

Ag is a big part of energy consumption. Small practices such as buying from Farmer's Markets, community gardens/farms, spin farming, and Community Sustainable Agriculture helps. For tiny farms/garden use of hand tools is good.

A farming good guy to follow

and for events, this article gives it a shot.
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