are humans capable of science?

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are humans capable of science?

Postby action » Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:40 pm

"Once in a while though, he could not help seeing how shallow, fickle and meaningless all human aspirations are, and how emptily our real impulses contrast with those pompous ideals we profess to hold" (H.P. Lovecraft, the silver key)

we humans are so stupid. we have contempt for the beauty of nature, we commit animal cruelty, we kill people of other beliefs, we only think about money and sex, and we are the actors of the biggest extinction event since the asteroid in the carribean that killed the dinosaurs.

how could such an immoral, impulsive, revolting species be capable of understanding the workings of the universe?

more and more scientists are beginning to believe we will hit a brick wall in our understanding of nature. Basically there are two fundamental problems that we can't explain, and which mean the end of science:

- the value of the higgs field. we dont know why the higgs field is as strong as it it. if it wasnt there, nothing would ever exist. but if it WAS there in full force, the universe would rip itself apart. the higgs field is in a state of "almost ON", like a switch that's halfway between OFF and ON. scientists cant explain this and never will

- dark energy: the expansion of the universe is accelerating. scientists explain this with "dark energy", or the energy of "empty space". the energy of a vacuum. in ways that we dont understand, even emptiness contains energy. so scientists calculated all the emptiness in our universe, added up the energy and it sill wasnt enough to account for the accelerated expansion of the universe. Basically, there is "more" dark energy than the universe can physically hold. proof of multiverses? we will never know.

can we accept now that we are stupid, vile, futile creatures that have accomplished nothing and destroyed everything? we are racing towards our own extinction. well done, mankind :roll:
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