The root of it! Surprise!

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The root of it! Surprise!

Postby RynaBelle9*7 » Sat Jul 30, 2016 6:56 pm

I'm going to begin this topic with a Prince Ea video. I love voices of truth, truth seekers, people who are not afraid of the popular opinion of the masses. That is probably why I love Queen so much. I do not waver when it comes to truth. And, the truth is that the root of all the problems of the world and the state of mind of the masses is a misconception about love. I am attracted to and choose to attract the ones who see through it. It takes serious courage to be able to choose to walk in the light of truth.
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So what is love to you? Is it a definition that was taught to you by the brainwashing of the world, your parents, or is it something you defined on your own? Take a good look at your thoughts on what "love" is to you. I invite you to debate (in a friendly manner) with me.

-The only way to change the world is to first, change ourselves. The first step is to change our ideas about what love is.
"I love you for your silence, I love you for your peace, the still and calm releases, that sweep into my soul, that slowly take control." ~Precious Freddie Mercury
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Freddie Mercury, you are my muse! Infinitely

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