HIV, a treatment for Leukemia!

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HIV, a treatment for Leukemia!

Postby RynaBelle9*7 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 9:40 am

Last year, at an assembly at the school I work, the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society sent a spokesperson to discuss progress made in the research of these two tragic illnesses. Prior to this assembly, we were beginning to embark on a district-wide charity for the society. The spokesperson discussed the use of HIV which is weakened by reprogramming the RNA of the virus to attack Leukemia afflicted white blood cells. I thought that was seriously interesting. The reason being is what I will be discussing in the following paragraph which may seem controversial to some. Nonetheless, the argument is worth at least thinking about, the possibilities.

I am in an AI and Philosophy course and we have been discussing all kinds of robotics, humanoids, singularity of seed AI, super-human alterations from hormone therapy causing extreme intelligence(think Sophia, the movie "Lucy") the list goes on... but,Nanobots are what came to mind as I listened to the speech last year. My partner and I discussed this last night, ironically on the date of World AIDS day. I thought I would post something about it in here to give anyone interested something to ponder about this horrifying disease that took our Freddie Mercury away.
So our discussion began about HIV in general and the stats on how it is more of a chronic illness now and people are even supposedly becoming infected on purpose in order to gain Social Security Disability somewhere here in the US, this was reported on NPR that my partner heard a little while back. I am uncertain of where as it really is irrelevant to me but we began discussing the actual cell of the virus and he said something that piqued my interest, it was: "If you look at any virus closely enough, the cells actually look like little robots." So, I went on a little educational journey and learned a lot about the virus, itself. It does look like a little robot. Maybe it was an experiment gone wrong in AI. That could be super far fetched science fiction, but possible. Regardless the question remains: If a cell of a virus can be reprogrammed, then why can't we find the cure to all viruses, including but not limited to the various strains of common cold and flu?

Here is the article about HIV becoming a treatment for Leukemia. ... l-leukemia
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