Queen, Me and memorabilia

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Queen, Me and memorabilia

Postby WWWoodyD » Thu Oct 13, 2011 10:58 pm

Greeting all. I'd like to preface my remarks with a brief mention of some of the gigs I've seen. The first Queen show I saw was at Boston Gardens Feb 2, 1977 with Thin Lizzy as support. Another early show was at the Springfield Civic Centre Nov 13, 1977, most notably this was general admission and my girlfriend and I were front row center after a brutal cold wait outside. What I remember most was the Queen road crew telling us NOT to look under the black duvetyne drape surrounding the stage ( Due to the fact that Freddie's trap door was directly in front of us, the one where he would pop out of during the later part of Bohemian Rhapsody.). This show and the close proximity of seeing the group remains to this day one of my fondest memories. I remember vividly the smell of the dry ice that flooded us in the front row. Through the years I became friendly with Crystal Taylor, Roger's brother and his drum tech. Through him I was able to meet Freddie one evening after their performance at the Capital Centre June 11,1978. I was told to stand by his limo and he would be coming out shortly. It was myself and possibly one or two other fans that had somehow or another managed to be lucky enough to hang on. He was of course gracious, warm and friendly to his fans...
As time went on, my musical tastes changed, I was touched by bands like the Clash, the Sex Pistols, the Ramones and Queen became less important to me. I remember those days of chasing them and being moved by their music. It still comes flooding back when I hear them on the radio or if I go looking on YouTube, especially the deeper cuts that I knew oh so well back in the day. March of the Black Queen, Father to Son, Liar, Now I'm Here.

In my attempts to try and downsize I'm now trying to rid myself of some larger pieces I've accumulated. Specifically a promo piece I aquired from Strawberries in Boston in 1977. It is a 4 ft x 4ft x 1/4 in chipboard replica of the Day at The Races made by Elektra Records for the larger music chain stores. Strawberries as was the habit back then would have a evening raffle monthly and would give away these large main window displays. I did stuff the ballot box and indeed did win. Carry this huge piece back to my dorm room in Speare Hall at Northeastern University.
It has travelled many miles with me from apartment to apartment to my present day home and unfortunately has sustained some water damage in the lower third. The logo in not effected. I think a Queen fan would appreciate it. I hope if you've read this far you would understand, I was a hardcore fan who at this point of my life (50's) needs to let it go.... if there is any interest please reply and we can discuss this further. Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to introduce myself.
I do miss Freddie Mercury and think of him.
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