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Free Food if you want to dress up like Queen

PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2012 1:13 pm
Hi guys

I work for a restaurant chain called Zizzi and for this Jubilee weekend we're trying out a different angle. We've decided to celebrate the band Queen as well as the HM the Queen. Both British Institutions and both people we respect highly.

If you come in on Monday or Tuesday with a Freddie Tash you'll get a free glass of prosecco with your meal. Or if you come fully decked out as any of the 4 members, you guys your main course totally complimentary.

I have total faith that if you check out our Facebook page and blog, you might like what you see. Mostly because I wrote it and don't take criticism well..(just kidding!)

Anyway if you're looking for something to do, give it a go - and if you're in London, come to the St Giles restaurant because I'll be there - fully dressed as Freddie - getting my lunch and dinner free for two days.!/wearezizzi