Hello from a newish fan...can't wait to meet you all.

Introduce yourself here. Post birthdays and photos.

Hello from a newish fan...can't wait to meet you all.

Postby Timbit » Tue Jan 22, 2019 9:42 pm

I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

My name is Jen (I go by Timbit), I'm a mother to a beautiful young child that also loves Queen and will beg me to play the "Mama, just killed a man" song ("Bohemian Rhapsody"), or "Another One Bites The Dust" is another favorite and a wife to a man who's not really a big fan with the exception of two songs that he'll tolerate "Another One Bites The Dust" and "We Will Rock You" (he really just likes the beat to both those songs. He's a heavy metal fan.)

I'm a 'newbie' in the respect that while I knew who Queen/Freddie Mercury was...based on their mainstream hits "We Will Rock You", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "We Are The Champions", etc. I was not a "big" fan, I mean if I heard them on the radio or seen (and heard) them on TV (music video) I would listen, enjoy but then go on with my day. Sorry I was so "blissfully ignorant" but ahh the joys of youth - yet I digress...hehehe.

Come around to Nov 11th and also Nov 24th (sad day), I would watch the 2018 film 'Bohemian Rhapsody' with Rami Malek, of whom I was a fan of (after knowing him from A Night At The Museum trilogy) and Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 as the Vampire Benjamin - that was the draw for me <-- Rami was the draw to get me inside to view the film but fell in love with it and Freddie from THAT moment on - binge watched them on YouTube and researched the guys endlessly (watching documentarys, reading books, etc.). To date I have read three books about Freddie, and currently in between two more that I'm still reading. Followed with a book about Brian May.

I don't know what many of you feel about the film but *I* LOVED it, and will continue to love it, I of course prefer that Freddie was STILL with us, but if Queen still wishes to tour; "Queen + Adam Lambert" is my fave (never seen Paul Rogers or anyone else with them), I know a lot of people don't like or approve of Adam - and I'm not trying to convert you to a fan of his or impose my views on you - if you prefer Paul or Marc - I respect that, but please also respect that *I* prefer Adam to them - we'll agree to disagree on that and that's all...you don't disrespect me or my respect of/for Adam - and I'll do the same for you respect your "guys'" respect for who you like.

I prefer Freddie in the "Bohemian Rhapsody" era - with the long hair and the "I'm Going Slighly Mad" video as opposed to the "Live Aid" era - in which he had the short hair and 'stache - although Live Aid was a phenomenal music achievement for the band. Twenty of the greatest minutes in musical history. My favorite is of course Freddie, followed by Dr. May, then Roger and lastly John. Although Roger DOES make a very pretty woman...and I hate to say a better looking one then Freddie...lol. *hearts and love for my Freddie*:);)

As far as my favorite songs of Queen/Freddie: "I'm Going Slightly Mad" (love the look of Freddie in this video - so much so that I'm basing my Halloween costume on his costume this year.), I know it's a hard video for many to watch/enjoy but it is mine. Followed by "I Was Born To Love You", "Scandal", "Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow", "In My Defense" (even if LMLTNT and IMD make me cry the most. I'm a big softie when it comes to those two particular songs and HAVE cried on many occassions on hearing him sing them), "Killer Queen", "Radio Ga Ga", "Bohemian Rhapsody (especially the operatic section: "Mama/Just killed a man/Put a gun..." along with "We Will Rock You", "We Are The Champions", "Calling All Girls".

For now that's all I'm gonna write as I have to get a bit more sleep as I do overnight (backshift) at my job, but will be on again to 'talk' to you all again. See you all around. Stay Queenie my friends...

Jen (aka Timbit)

P.S. Sorry about the 'novel'...just wanted to give you all my "brief" bio;):)
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Re: Hello from a newish fan...can't wait to meet you all.

Postby Mudkip » Thu Jan 24, 2019 4:53 pm

Timbit wrote:Although Roger DOES make a very pretty woman...

It clearly helps with the fact that Roger is able to become one! Just let him have his long hair and magic happens. This is my one of my most favorite photos of the phenomenon:
Roger clearly switched genders during the shootings of this one.

But to get to the main point: Welcome to the forums! I wish you a nice stay here!
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