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Re: Cycling

Postby Elessar » Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:54 pm

fairydandy wrote:
Elessar wrote:All kitted out!

Great stuff! I'm envious that you are over there... ;)

I’m at the airport now. It was incredibly easy to check my bike in. Almost worryingly easy...something will surely go wrong. I forgot to deflate the tyres but I’ve tried to reassure myself with physics that it should be fine.

The prime minister here is a massive leftie but her party is in a coalition with their version of Farage, so they have a weird sort of hybrid of being super liberal and wanting to kick the immigrants out. Essentially it means I’m not allowed to buy property here unless I become a permanent resident. Not that it matters, property is super expensive here and it’ll all be destroyed when the inevitable earthquake hits!
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