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Re: The Darkness is Back

Postby Frank » Sun Nov 05, 2017 2:06 pm

Khashoggi wrote:
Lover Boy wrote:What do you guys think of Pinewood Smile? I think it's another solid release...and with Rufus on drums? That's just icing on the cake for a Queen fan. I think I might like the album just a little better than Last Of Our Kind, but still not quite as good as Permission to Land. I'm not sure they'll ever do better than their first album.

I think it's just too weak. It's the first time I have no interest in a new Darkness release, at all. I listened to the album on Spotify, and there's just no track that excites me in any way. It's very sad, because basically I love them dearly. I've seen them live twice, have got the other 4 albums and maybe now it's over for me. These songs are just so uninspiring and weak, it's a true shame. This seems to happen with quite a lot artists or bands that I used to love - I was so excited to hear new things from The Darkness, or Muse, or The Killers.. And now they all completely disappoint me and can't even come close to their past glory.

The only song I feel like skipping is Why Don't The Beautiful Cry. Now that track feels uninspired. But I have soft spots for I Wish I Was In Heaven (very pretty song), Happiness (reminds me of Permission to Land), and Stampede of Love (hilarious song...on the surface it seems to be a serious love song, but the lyrics are so funny). If anything, the album does feel a bit lopsided. Most of the heavy stuff is on the first half and the ballad type stuff is on the second half. As for the heavier stuff, my favorite is probably Solid Gold. OK, so it's uninspired in the sense that it's an AC/DC style rocker, but their balls are hanging out on this one. Love it.

You do have a point though. Bands like the ones you mentioned (and yes, The Darkness) are past their glory era. And for all three I sincerely doubt they'll ever make a return. But I guess I'll take what I can get...especially if it's a band that still fancies glam and hair rock/metal. There's just not enough of it around, and even though they're past their glory days, they can still rock.
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Re: The Darkness is Back

Postby AngelR » Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:42 pm

Is anyone else (apart from me) going to the Hammersmith Apollo on the 10th? I think there is a good chance Roger might be there to support Rufus! :)
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